Huawei Watch GT to launch in India along with other smartbands

Huawei Watch GT in a hand

Smartwatch segment in India has been one of the most exploited and surprising segments. The consumers might love something and no one can really predict it. However, whoever came up with an idea of using fitness trackers and the features of the watch is a genius. There is nothing more complicated for people in India and all around the world than fitness. Everyone wants to know if they have grown, shrunk, or remained the same and what better than a smartwatch that does all of this and much more.

The smart bands in India do very well. Mi bands, Honor bands, Vivo Garmin and many companies have got a lot of bands which are doing well. Mi bands and Honor bands are the ones on top with most sales. While other companies such as Fitbit, Vivo Garmin, Fossil, Samsung work their consumers in the higher range market.

Huawei had entered the Indian market with its smartwatch but later disappeared. It has now returned to the Indian market with one of its celebrated smartwatches. The Huawei Watch GT is out here for the Indians. It was launched for the world except some of the Asian countries a couple of months back. It was loved as the quality and technology are up to date and some of the features are really futuristic. We did a full review of the Huawei Watch GT, you find the same here.

The smartwatches launched by Huawei are high end and costly. There are two versions, classic and sports, the costs are also different for these two versions. The classic version costs around INR 16,990 while the sports version costs around INR 15,990. This segment is pretty congested as there are many watches at the same price that offer similar specs but the design and the implementation is what Huawei does better than most in the world. Along with the Huawei Watch GT, there are two other smart bands that are going to be launched. There are going to be a host of them which would cost anything between INR 1,699 to INR 4,699.

These watches will be available on Amazon from March 19. That said, this is not the first time Huawei is launching a wearable in India. The company has launched one before and it was in April of 2016. The sapphire-crystal coated smartwatch which was sold at INR 22,999.

That said, most of the current models are built and aimed at fitness enthusiast. Apart from that, there are features to woo the consumer. Huawei India’s Country Manager said that innovation and technology are at the center of the company’s focus. He said, “Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do at Huawei. Having laid a strong emphasis on design, innovation, and superior experience, our devices have resonated well with our customers.”

-Unmesh Phule

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