Huawei Watch GT is here to meet you from February 19th

Huawei Watch GT in a hand

Huawei is already winning the smartphone battle all over the world. It overtook Apple to become the second largest smartphone selling brand in the world. The company is doing extremely well in the smartphone sector. However, it has had its fair share of controversies which have led to some problems for the company. That said, they are immune to the products the company is making in a sense. They have broken the stereotypes and gave this world the punch-hole display.

That said, the company has been busy with its launches and dazzled the world with its latest entrant View 20. Huawei is a company which likes to do its own things and does not believe in buying technology from others. Once termed as the most low-quality phone making company is now on the top of the world’s smartphone chain, this is because of its belief in the in-house team of software and hardware.

The company announced it’s Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 pro a few months ago, at the same time they announced one of its new products, Huawei Watch GT. The Huawei Watch GT is Huawei’s luxury smartwatch. The watch looks fabulous on the outside but on the inside uses its self-made software. The company is outstandingly placed to bring out new products and Huawei Watch GT, a smartwatch, seems perfect in these circumstances.

The self-made software is named as Lite OS which is extremely similar to Wear OS which is developed by Google. Google is having a tough time with Wear OS as many major wearable companies are dropping the software and developing their own. Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, the three major wearable makers in the world have dropped Wear OS. That means 88% of the wearable in the world do not use Wear OS even after constant updates.

Coming back to Light OS and Huawei Watch GT, the smartwatch looks exquisite and has internal ROM of 128 MB and RAM 16 MB. The watch is similar to those Fossil makes but has way more features. The watch has a staggering six sensors instilled in it. Those sensors are accelerometer sensor, gyroscope sensor, magnetometer sensor, optical heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, barometer sensor. These sensors alone make it one of the most featured smartwatches around.

Moving on, the dial is an AMOLED display 1.39-inch in dimension and 454×454 resolution. The screen is touch responsive and can understand gestures apart from human touch. The CPU is Cortex m4. The watch runs on Lite OS but is compatible with iOS 9 or Android 4.4 as well. Also, it supports Bluetooth 4.2 and also BLE. There is also GPS and the battery life is suspected to be 14 days. The battery life also depends on the use and can vary according to the intensity of the use. The charging time is also not that high as it will fully charge in 2 hours or more. The watch is water resistant as well.

The material used is to make this watch is a combination of plastic, metal, and ceramic. The strap is silicon and weighs around 46 grams. The dimensions of the watches are 46.5mm x 46.5mm x 10.6 mm. The most important part, the price of this watch is $199.99 if decide to buy the Graphite Black version which comes with a silicone strap. The price increases up to $229.99 if you decide to buy Saddle brown version with a leather strap.

The watch will go on sale from February 19th.

-Unmesh Phule

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