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Huawei Watch GT 2e Launch Set For March 26

Huawei is set to launch its flagship P40 series globally on March 26. Alongside the flagship smartphones, the company is also preparing to introduce a new wearable. Called Huawei Watch GT 2e, the wearable will be based on the design previously seen with the Huawei Watch GT 2. However, the “e” monitor might be a way to acknowledge that this one will be a sportier device. The smartwatch will have a simplified look and even feature sport bands.

As the name might suggest, the Huawei Watch GT 2e may be a small incremental update to the company’s Watch GT 2. The latter was launched in the second half of 2019 so there might not have been much time to make significant changes in time for the Huawei P40. Fortunately, it may still have the same features that made the older smartwatch a hit.

That feature is the battery life that’s advertised to last for 14 days. That’s thanks to a combination of a large 455 mAh battery, an energy-saving HiSilicon Hi1132 chip, and Huawei’s custom smartwatch OS.

In terms of other specs, the Watch GT 2e may not be that notable. It still has a large 1.39-inch 454×454 screen in an equally large 46mm body. There’s 4 GB of storage inside for your songs which you can play on paired headsets via Bluetooth 5.1. It seems to have just the basics when it comes to tracking, including GPS, step, sleep, and heart rhythm. Nothing fancy like ECG or blood oxygen levels.

The design seems to still cater to people with large wrists and sporty tastes. WinFuture notes how the new mint green color could remind people of the Apple Watch and not in a good way.

Huawei is teasing the launch of this wearable via promo posters and videos. While it’s global launch is set for next week, we also know that the smartwatch will launch in India as well. According to Stufflistings, the Huawei Watch GT 2e will come to India soon after its first sale in China. India will be one of the first countries to get the smartwatch outside China.

As the Apple Watch continues to dominate the rather small smart wearable market but that hasn’t stopped dozens of companies from putting out their own. Of those, however, few have wandered away from Google’s Wear OS platform. Aside from Samsung, Huawei is the only other major consumer electronics manufacturer that has struck out on its own with some amount of success.

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