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Huawei to not be banned in India as of now says the Telecom Minister

Huawei is one of the leading smartphone sellers in the world and even in India. However, that is not their main business or let us just say that Huawei primarily sells telecom equipment; making a smartphone is their second fiddle business, it just accounts for 4-5% of their company. In that case, the company is a lot larger than one thinks. People mostly recognize Huawei for their smartphones.

Now, there are a lot of complications when it comes to Huawei. The company, headquartered in China has very Chinese roots and deeply woven relationship with the Chinese government. With respect to that, Huawei has climbed very high in China in very less time. The founder of the company is also a former Chinese military man. This background of the company and their relationship with the Chinese government makes the other countries a bit skeptical about them.

There are countries which are very protective of their data. There is nothing wrong with that as a lot of confidential data can be unearthed if there are data breaches. That said, there are allegations on Huawei, that their products, especially the ones made for internet purposes contain some kind of spyware which can collect and transmit data. Now all of these are allegations made on Huawei’s products. No one can know for sure that Huawei acts as a government spy.

Because of all these allegations, there are many countries who have absolutely banned the company’s products along with ZTE as well. Countries such as Australia, Japan, UK, USA, Europe, Germany, and even New Zealand have decided to not use any products made by Huawei or ZTE. The fact that Huawei hasn’t done anything about these bans also suggests things which are not good for the company. However, the countries mentioned above are developed nations and can come up with their own products or use another brand altogether.

Now, if we look at countries like India, which are still a developing economy with 1.3 billion people residing, banning a major internet company is not an option. Although, the Indian government can ban the products but the other products that can possibly replace Huawei, are expensive. India, on the other hand, is not that strong to create its own company which will produce such products overnight.

In that case, Telecom Minister, Manoj Sinha has said that there have been no proposals from anyone to ban Huawei products. “At present, there is no proposal before the government considering banning telecom gear and equipment made by Huawei,” he said while replying to Rajya Sabha. The topic was raised after a telecom export organization TEPC asked Ajit Doval who is the National Security Advisor to ban the Chinese products coming from companies like Huawei and ZTE.

The Indian government has already banned over 42 Chinese applications in its offices. There are certain offices which are not allowed to use Chinese applications and have asked every important delegate to get rid of the list of applications. The government is taking necessary actions to keep a check on data breaches but banning a major company is a step too far for them.

– Unmesh Phule

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