Huawei Shipments Take A Deadly Tumble

Huawei Logo from Huawei Website

Huawei is a company which has seen a massive decline at the moment. There is a reason for this, the company has been cornered by US companies. The point that the US has most of the leading tech companies in the world, makes Huawei isolated on the global platform. The cornered company is beaten and battered and it is getting harder and harder every single day as the losses are increasing. The company has immediately stopped the production of the phone because the software integration is back to zero.

The Huawei Ban Is Explained Here.

Android ban has been hitting the company with waves after wave. The tsunami of bad news is just not stopping. The company now is struggling to find a home as countries are following the US and are keeping Huawei at bay. It has to sign a no-spy bond with India which is ridiculous on both parts. This is how the image of the Huawei is amongst the world. That is the reason the company needs to stand for itself and fight.

Shipments tumble as the ban continues

There was hope for Huawei that the ban would not reside for a longer period of time but it seems to be the final decision and there is no coming back from it. This is where the company needs to take some harsh steps. The reason is that if they don’t, they will have to make an operating system of their own, which needs years of research and hard work.

However, the company is coming up with its operating system and it is happening soon enough. This is good news for everyone as people who use Huawei devices will have to run on this OS otherwise they will have to abandon the company altogether which means they have to buy a new device which makes the rivals of Huawei more and more powerful.

The shipment of the company has tumbled tremendously as analysts have seen numbers which are dreadful from Huawei’s perspective. The reason for this is that the company has seen is shipments reduced to a quarter of what they were since the ban. This means that the company is either planning for a counter-attack on the market, which is highly unlikely or it is just the need of the hour to not sell Huawei devices or it just means that no one wants to buy Huawei anymore.

It is hard to comprehend that the second largest smartphone maker and smartphone seller is having a tough time to even ship its smartphones in the US. The company has to take some steps or it will just be the same until it comes out with its own answer to android and it has to be as connective as Android OS is. All in all, Huawei are cornered and are cornered for good.

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