Huami Sells Smartwatches Physically at Reliance Digital Stores

Huami Amazfit GTR

Huami, a sub-brand of Xiaomi has been selling smartwatches in India for some time now. It started out with online exclusive sales just like its parent company Xiaomi. The Indian market is huge and it comprises of the online as well as the offline consumers. This means that just focusing on online consumers will not be very beneficial for a company it wants rapid growth.

Huami have started selling its products offline in India through the Reliance Digital stores, which is among the largest physical electronics stores in India. While a lot of people are coming to the internet each day, the trust factor has not developed quite well in the minds of the people. A large part of the Indian population, most of whom live in the smaller cities and villages trust the physical stores and prefer to purchase products from them instead of ordering online.

Yesterday, the Reviewtech website stated citing Economic Times report that Amazon sold around 40% of devices sold during the Diwali sales in the Tier 2 cities in India. This data shows the growth of the tier 2 cities’ economy and a change in their purchasing pattern. This is especially true for the sale of devices such as smartphones. People from smaller cities and even rural areas are not hesitating to purchase online. Having said that, it is always preferable to them that they get hands-on experience before purchasing.

Technology has given the common people the power to imagine big things. This can be seen in India with millions of people entering the world of the internet every day. The consumer electronics sector has seen growth thanks to the large online market but now the companies in the sector are also focusing on gaining traction in the offline market.

Reliance digital is one of the popular physical electronics outlets in India and it has a wider reach than most. While stores such as Croma can be found in more numbers, they are often confined to the tier 1 cities. On the other hand, Reliance Digital, although lesser in number as compared to Croma, can be found in more cities tier 1 and 2 alike. Huami’s collaboration to sell its products through Reliance Digital is a good strategic move.

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