How to Save Your Phone’s Battery and Increase Its Battery Life

A man handling a phone

Smartphones have become an essential part of most people’s lives. A major part of the day is spent on the phone and it has become almost an extension of our personality and our thoughts. Some need it for the whole day while some need it at short intervals but not many can live without it. As it runs on a battery it is important of us to conserve it’s a battery and make sure it stays along with us for the whole day. Here are some tips to save battery of your phone.

1. Find Out What is Draining Your Phone’s Battery More

Before you can look out at any poor battery life issues, you need to know what’s the main cause for the battery to drain so early.

Look out at Android’s Settings > Battery menu, where you’ll get a detailed report on whether your apps are running normally and which app is using how much battery and there will be a warning about applications using more battery. Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen and choose Battery usage to see exactly what has been using your battery. You’ll see a full detailed analysis of services, and a graph that shows you how the battery has been decreased and how much is left on the basis of your current usage.

2.Prefer Wifi Over Network Data

Network data is very tough on your battery, and also helps in draining it fast. You can stop your phone from using cellular data by turning off mobile data services and try using wifi instead…

3. Lower Your Phone’s Brightness

The most obvious thing makes sure your phone’s brightness is less as brighter the screen more the battery drains, doing this both your eyes as well as battery will get some rest and work well.  Just Go to your display settings and turn down the brightness on the screen

4. Use A Dark Wallpaper

Moving and animated wallpapers look great and give a look to your home screen but it’s not good for the battery as they drain the battery a lot faster. It’ll also be better to limit yourself to wallpaper with fewer colours in it since the display will have more energy if it needs to display a lot of different colours.


5. Turn Off the Trackers’ and Voice Assistant

Applications like Bluetooth, NFC, phone visibility, and location services are helpful but not at all the times, they drain your battery every time your phone connects or updates. Turning these off and turning them on only when needed will save you a lot of battery.

You also might not need your voice assistant program every time. If Google Assistant is running every time on your phone, go into the Assistant settings and deactivate it, which will forbid Google Assistant from actively listening and using up battery life.

6. Turn On Power Saving Mode

If you know that you are going to have a long day and u might need your phone the whole day, turning on power saving mode will help you surely as power saving mode shuts down apps and brings your phone to the optimal status.


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