How Practical is the 64MP Realme Phone Camera?


Realme’s New 64MP Smartphone

Realme has been testing its new offering for the Indian market that is supposed to have a whopping 64 megapixel rear camera along with a few other stunning features. On paper it sounds mesmerizing to have such a high resolution camera on a smartphone. It makes the users feel as if they are clicking with a digital camera. But the real question is that is the camera at all effective or at the very least practical?

Importance of Photography

Photography is one of the most important innovations of the late 19th century. Since millennia, humans have been fascinated with the thought of capturing a moment or the face of a person. This is why paintings and sculptures originated. However, with the invention of the camera, the dream became a reality as it captures the reality precisely. However, owning a camera was a very big deal in the initial days just like having a portrait of anyone by professional painter in the ancient times.

Advent of Smartphones

The real revolution in the photography industry started taking shape with the invention of the smartphones with camera. These small devices equipped with cameras empowered the common users to click photos in an instant and enjoy the luxury of capturing moments that earlier took a fortune to do so. Over the past decade the smartphone cameras have gotten better and better with new and better technologies coming to the market. Moreover, the camera sensors and processing has become more efficient in terms of speed, light capturing capabilities, processing, colour science and so on. This has increased the quality of a smartphone camera significantly and now the premium phone cameras can easily compete with the entry level digital cameras and even beat them in certain aspects.

Smartphone Cameras Compete with Digital Cameras

The points is that to get a high end camera one has to shell out a premium price, but is it always true? Kind of… If one searched for a god camera phone, the most recommended options wold perhaps be from the brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel OnePlus and Huawei. But one needs to consider the price as most of the offerings are on the expensive side. Only a few offerings from OnePlus are a little affordable as compared to the other premium brands. This is where the entry-level and mid-range models come into play. Companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo’s sub-brand Realme have taken the entry-level and mid-range market by storm with their superior smartphones with great value for money.

Realme 64MP Camera
Realme 64MP Camera – Twitter

Realme’s Disruptive Performance

Realme in particular has been extremely popular in the 8000 to 15000 range of smartphones among the Indian consumers as they get a decent screen, powerful battery, snappy processor and a satisfactory camera experience too. According to a research conducted by the Market Trends Research Foundation (MTRF), it was revealed that over 80% of all smartphone users preferred a better camera over anything else while looking for a new smartphone in the market.

According to reports, Realme is working on a smartphone that is supposedly equipped with a 64 Megapixels camera on the rear. This is the first time that any smartphone has a camera more than 48 megapixels. While almost every company, including Realme, has at least one 48MP offering, it is Realme who has taken it upon themselves to launch the industry-first 64MP camera smartphone.

Effectiveness of Higher Megapixels

How effective is the megapixel game. Against popular belief, the number of megapixels in a smartphone camera has less to do with the final picture quality. This is the reason that a less megapixel camera on an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S series or Google Pixel’s single camera setups perform better than the high megapixel cameras on mid-range and entry-level smartphones. The post-processing and overall software and camera hardware integration smoothness also plays a huge role in the final output. This can be seen very well especially in the Google Pixel smartphones which comes with only a single lens. Google has optimized the software experience so well that even the single lens outperforms most of the dual lens shooters in the market and that too in the low light performance.


Although, it is a commendable job from Realme’s side to be the industry first in terms of a 64MP shooter but it needs to work on the software optimization and sensor as well to really compete with the premium device cameras. Having said that, it needs to be said that it is a commendable effort by Realme to make such strides in the field of smartphone photography. This new smartphone will enable the users to own a camera that is almost as good as some of the premium brands’ cameras and experience superior photography.

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