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How OTT Platform Is Changing The Sports Broadcasting Industry

Sports on TV along with beer and nachos

Sports is something which unites people. It is a profession which needs a lot of hard work but once you are successful there is money which comes in abundance and there is a reason for this. The sports industry is an industry which connects every aspect of the world. There is a need for finance, science, all kinds of technology even analysts are making it big in the world of sports. Investments happen in the world of sports and research along with development is a huge part.

Arsene Wenger, one of the most prominent football managers, expressed his idea of having a university within Arsenal, his club for 22 years, based on research, different technologies regarding sports and even high performance. The legend of the footballing world has even invested in PlayMaker, a company which is working on different technology rather than chest-vest to analyze player performances.

Apart from all these technologies, there is something which is in abundance in the sports industry and that is money. The players, clubs and all the people involved earning a lot of money. However, there is one area of sports which has nothing to do with playing it, earning a lot of money; the broadcasting channels. There are major channels which fight and bid in billions to gain access to the most elite leagues in the world.

There was a recent bid of more than INR 1000 Cr to gain access to the Indian Premier League, the most watched cricket league in India. Today, we will consider the example of the Premier League clubs and the amount of money they earn from TV broadcasting. Manchester City alone earned almost £151 million from TV money, they had 26 of their 38 games broadcasted. Arsenal earned around £142 million while Liverpool earned the most with £152 million.

These are outlandish figures. However, the game is slowly changing with a different kind of fans entering the arena.

The OTT revolution

There are different kinds of fans in the world. Some fans are pure loyalists who love to watch every single thing. Some fans love to watch highlights on Twitter while some fans only follow their clubs on social media. The TV broadcasting companies want to cater to every fan possible and that is the reason they try and have every platform updated.

However, OTT platform has formed a different kind of opinion about everything else. The reason for this is that the viewing experience is totally different and some fans live away from home and have to have a platform where they can legally stream live matches. This is where OTT platform comes in and is winning a lot of hearts.

The broadcasting channels, hence have to cater these kinds of fans as well and there is huge money in OTT platforms alone which comes from ads and internet providers along with different sponsors as well. This has caused an entire industry to have a relook at the structure of broadcasting. This is where everything changes and the money, well, it only increases.

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