Honor look to sell View 20 with a different point of view

Honor's new punch-hole display shown in their latest entrant View 20

Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei, is doing extremely well even in the Indian market. It has also entered the Indian market with ease and has been doing extremely well in India as well. The company has some brilliant way of marketing. They are innovative and don’t believe in the traditional ways of marketing. The company in India has always looked at the price-sensitive market and has targeted similar regions as well. It knows where it can succeed and it has just targeted those areas of the market.

The company’s latest entrant, View 20, might have just set the trend for 2019. Last year was all about notches and every phone had one, this year every phone might have a punch-hole display. For that, we have to thank Honor because it has set the trend and is doing extremely well all around the world. However, the phone is finding its feet in India as OnePlus has a huge fan base here and that price range is dominated by its Chinese counterpart.

That said, View 20 is sold in India at a price range of INR 37800 which is high when compared to the other devices Honor has to offer in India. OnePlus sells its OnePlus 6 and 6T in that price range and have replaced Apple as the number one premium smartphone in India. It will take a lot more than just putting advertisements on TV to achieve such a feat and Honor realizes this. They have put up an advertisement everywhere on the web which is kind of attractive. It has partnered with Hungama Music which is a give and takes partnership.

Honor and Hungama Music App have put up a ‘Live N Loud’ contest for the people. The first step of the contest or to be eligible for the contest is to buy a View 20. After that, you have to download the Hungama Music App and subscribe to a 30-day free trial. This will enable you to participate in a contest which will take two people to Singapore and watch a Maroon 5 concert live.

This kind of marketing is spot on for people who are crazy fans of Maroon 5 or would love to travel to Singapore. However, for tech geeks like some of them out there, View 20 will be a pure joy to have. There will be many people buying View 20 just for the sake of it. More than half of the consumers would buy View 20 for how it looks and its new feature of the on-screen front camera. The View 20 does well on a lot of fronts and this contest or such kind of marketing will do no harm to it.

Honor has partnered with Reliance Digital and Amazon. The phone will be sold both in physical stores and online. The new FDI policy has a lot to do with this. The company is making sure it has a lot of physical presence in the country as well. It has partnered with one of the biggest digital store chains in the country. That said, the company has used a different marketing strategy this time around and it will be interesting to see if the phone climbs up the ladder after this.

-Unmesh Phule

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