Hololens is here to dazzle us with holograms

Microsoft Hololens and its demo

Microsoft, a world leading software giant which is doing excellent in the hardware is out there in the market with some of the most outrageous innovations. It has produced some of the most mind-blowing things in the recent past. The surface laptops, the tablets, the surface dial for artists, designers, architects; every single thing is inch perfect. The company has created some of the best devices in the world.

Microsoft were in the middle of surface phones when they canceled the entire idea of Windows in a phone. It had run its course and the design of it was teased a few times by Microsoft. That said, the company has come up with something insane. Four years ago, they debuted Hololens. For people who don’t know what it is, it is a device which sits over your eyes and creates an MR (Mixed Reality). Hololens is something which creates visuals on the things that actually exists. We know such things as holograms. So it is nothing but spectacles that can project holograms.

However, there is a twist to this, four years ago, this device was a prototype and it was for the consumers. Four years later, this device is not going to be made available for the consumers but only for the companies. Hololens 2 was showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It was way better than the first device. It understood the hand gestures better and the awkward pinching gesture was no longer required. The holograms were brighter and better.

The gear or the Hololens in all fit better than the previous version. It felt like a minimalistic version and also is very light in weight. Apart from this, the comfort, it has immensely improved, there is padding all around the device. The forehead padding can also be removed and cleaned as there is supposed to be sweat.

The display, which is transparent, is a 2K MEMS, which is microelectromechanical systems and helps the augmented reality elements to be portrayed on real-world objects. The field of view is 52 degree which is better than the previous display which was 34 degree. The view is also not 16:9 ratio which makes it taller and better.

There is eye-tracking that needs to done and there is an eye-tracking demo that needs to happen. This is because the Hololens adjust the images seen according to your eyes. Apart from this, there is a scanner or a camera on the front of the hololens, this helps the device understand the objects and the distance between the objects of the real world in a better way. This is important so that a person wearing this would not misjudge the elements in the room.

There were virtual buttons but sometimes they worked like a charm sometimes they didn’t. Also, the brightness of the holograms might just twitch your eyes a little bit. It is too bright and struggles when there is a lot of light in the room.

That said, this Hololens 2 is totally for the companies. The price for which a company can get it is $3500 and is very expensive.

-Unmesh Phule

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