Hisense’s new phone, Rock 4 boasts Affordability and Powerful battery

Hisense has earned its reputation in China as one of best upcoming brands of smartphone. It is cheap and of good quality. It makes thousands of mobile phones.

With further increase in competition in the mobile phone market in Chinese market, many mobile phone brands began to lower their price. Hisense is committed for the better products to let the consumers enjoy them at the best price. So in the Thousand Yuan mobile market, the quality of mobile phones is also constantly improving.

At the beginning of November, Hisense officially released the new Thousand Yuan Mobile Hisensephone Rock 4 series mobile phone in China, which is mainly for the business security and long battery life.

We are now presenting experiences of the customers within the span of one month. We are trying to give multi-dimensional analysis, let everyone feel the brand new selling point of Hisensephone phone Rock 4.


Noble and sophisticated design elements are trendy

When Hisensephone Rock 4 arrives, it will make your eyes shine. The packaging is awesome. The black outer box and the vigorous and powerful “Rock 4”.

When we first look at the phone, the overall black colour and the dark gold frame will give a sense of stable atmosphere, while its sharp but not cut-off frame, with curved glass, as a whole is more textured. Judging from the overall visual effect, the design of this Hisensephone Rock 4 has an obvious advantage in the field of Thousands Yuan smartphones.

Although Hisensephone Rock 4 is a Thousand Yuan mobile, it still uses the most popular “water drop screen” design. The 6.22-inch HD+ water drop screen has a screen ratio of 88.82%, which is in line with the current trend. It is not only more beautiful than Liu Haiping design but also has a higher screen ratio. The back of the fuselage is designed with bohemian visual texture. The complex visual perception is very good. And the fuselage is used in both forward and reverse 2.5D curved glass, and the warm and jade feel excellent.

Impressive camera can be compared to a professional shooter

From the professional point of view of photography, if it is the ordinary consumer, this Hisensephone Rock 4 can fully meet the function of shooting. In terms of phase, clarity and so on, it has an advantage compared to the same price of mobile phones.

For mobile photography enthusiasts, Hisensephone Rock 4 is perfectly comparable to a professional camera. Hisensephone Rock 4 mobile phone has before and after, 13 + 8-megapixel camera combination, can easily shoot excellent blockbusters.

Although the weather in Beijing has been bad recently, it has also shown another beauty under the photograph of Hisensephone Rock 4. The Hisensephone Rock 4 is used for taking pictures especially fast in focusing, and the imaging speed is extremely fast. In terms of self-balancing, Hisensephone Rock 4 is very accurate, the colour will not be very bright, but the image will be accurate. Moreover, the macro performance of Hisensephone Rock 4 is also very good.

Long battery life helps watching videos for up to 18 hours

In terms of configuration, Hisensephone Rock 4 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon eight-core 64-bit processor, 4GB+64GB storage, and supports up to 128GB of storage.

In terms of battery life, Hisensephone Rock 4 has a built-in 4500mAh ultra-large capacity battery, which is definitely a huge capacity in current smartphones. According to the official, the phone can continue to play games for 10.5 hours and watch TV shows for 18 hours in a row.

For a mobile phone with such a large-capacity battery, it can be used for two days continuously under normal circumstances. At the same time, after starting the super power-saving mode, the system can display the battery life of more than 10 days. Moreover, Hisensephone Rock 4 also supports reverse charging. Under such long battery life, its performance is called mobile power in mobile phones.

Users privacy has been given high priority with mobile phone encryption

In addition to excellent endurance, business security is also one of the main selling points of Hisensephone Rock 4 phone also supports scanning of written, scanning translation, business card sweep code, voice transliteration, conference calls and other practical business functions, with privacy security, communications security, payment security, data security and other four protection.

Customizable smart buttons are enough to make your office easier and easier with a one-click direct access to set apps and features.

When the user received the strange number, Hisensephone Rock 4 will automatically identify strange calls and show the type of harassment, so that users can be away from phone harassment, in addition to the call, Hisensephone Rock 4 will prohibit third-party applications to obtain recording permissions, to protect the privacy and security of users.

At the time when users use financial applications, Hisensephone Rock 4 system will quickly carry out a security scan of the payment environment to ensure that users in a safe environment to pay.

If a user receives SMS messages involving a website, the security of the URL is automatically detected to prevent malicious URLs from tapping.


Summary: Hisensephone Rock 4 as Hisense Mobile phone in the Thousand Yuan model, to achieve a lot of the same type of products which cannot achieve long life, high security and high value and Hisense mobile phone propaganda do not give people a kind of pompous feeling, give people a kind of solid feeling. Life is the first need of anyone of any age, and if the phone doesn’t have electricity, then all the technology is out of the question.

In today’s era of excess mobile phone performance, Hisense mobile phones really play the role of solving user pain points.


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