Hisense Tv Focus On The Good Quality Big Screens And Also Viewers’ Eye Safety

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Hisense is a household name in the People’s Republic of China. Their impeccable engineering and product design is loved by the people and thus the company is a leader in numerous product categories. Their modern TVs focus on the good quality big screen. However, they also protect the viewers’ eyes as the focus is on the users’ health through eye protection.

The data says it all. It shows that from April 26th to May 5th, the sales volume of Hisense Laser TV exceeded 3,000 units, an increase of 236%. On April 30, the sales of Hisense Laser TV exceeded 700 units in one day. Looking at the performance of the first quarter of this year, Hisense Laser TV set the door for the future.In the first quarter of this year, from the industry point of view, the total amount of laser TV increased by 398.49%; the sales of Hisense Laser TV increased by 348.33%, and the sales volume of the large screen market of 80” and above reached 49.86%.

According to Zhongyikang data, in the 18th week of this year (April 29-May 3), laser TV sales increased by 302.3% year-on-year, and Hisense Laser TV accounted for 81.5% of the overall laser TV market.It can be seen that Hisense has played an important role in boosting the industry of laser TV. In order to cut the big screen and health of consumers, it has established the status of Hisense Laser TV.


Hisense Laser TV was one of the biggest winners of the May 1st holiday – Labour Day

A notable change in the global color TV industry is that the trend of large screens has become more apparent. Large-size TVs in the domestic market are in the limelight. According to research data from the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce’s Consumer Electronics Office, as the number of new middle-class people in increasing  and living conditions are improving, large-size TVs have become the first choice for consumers to upgrade, and 76% of respondents will choose 55-inch TV and above. Consumers’ preference to buy a TV has changed from durability and cheap price to a big screen and the products’ health standard compliance.

Especially for consumers who have children in their homes and are worried that their children will watch TV and hurt their eyes, they will pay more attention to the eye protection function of TV. On 1st May shopping, Hisense Laser TV has become the first choice for many consumers with its big screen and health features. “The Hisense Laser TV bought on the 1st May is mainly to protect the health of the children, because it has eye protection function. I have compared some similar products in the market, and finally I was convinced by the health and eye protection features of Hisense Laser TV.” From Beijing Ms. Song said.

Hisense Laser TV was first introduced on 1st May 2019 in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao and Nanjing. It built a large flash experience hall in Hisense Plaza, Heshenghui, Longzhimeng and other shopping malls, highlighting Hisense 4K Laser TV L5/L7. It invited users to vote for the visual comfort of Hisense laser TV and ordinary LCD TV.In addition, Hisense also set up special areas such as parent-child play area, game area, and Karaoke area, which has become a shared entertainment experience for the whole family.

Although the four-day small holiday of the May 1st Golden Week brought a travel frenzy, the laser TV became the biggest winner in the commercial war between Chinese and foreign color TV giants.


Kids playing game on a Hisense 4K TV
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Hisense laser TV eye protection function pokes consumption pain points

Instead of saying that Hisense has seized the opportunity of Golden Week that started on 1st May to gain popularity, it is better to say that Hisense Laser TV is more in line with the development of the national industrial policy.

In 2018, the Ministry of Education and the National Health and Health Commission drafted the “Implementation Plan for the Prevention and Control of Myopia for Children and Adolescents (Consultation Draft)” in 2018. The prevention and control of myopia and the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents should be included in the government performance appraisal indicators.In China, the rate of teenage myopia has risen year after year, and the rate of myopia in the general education stage is close to 80%. Many parents said that watching TV has a great impact on children’s vision, and Hisense Laser TV is taking health as the core and cutting the pain points of consumers.

This year’s May 1st Golden Week, Hisense L5 series laser TV performance is the best. This year 80”, 88”and the latest 100” laser TVs are popular among users. They have outstanding health and eye protection advantages, showing the closest to nature and avoiding short-wave blue light damage to vision.

Today’s consumers are not blindly pursuing a big screen, and health care has become a necessity. This Golden Week of Laser TV has become a new online hot news, allowing more consumers to experience the outstanding advantages of laser TV big screen eye protection and real imaging. It is recognized that laser TV is the most important way to improve the quality of life and achieve healthy audiovisual life.

Hisense has been winning the high end product line with high end technological advancements.

Large screen, this is an irreversible trend in the TV industry, because a larger screen and a clearer display bring a better look and feel. The mainstream screen size ranges from 32”to 55”and 65”. Now 65”+ big-screen TVs are growing faster and more aggressive. Hisense Laser TV conforms to the rigid demand of consumers for large screen, high quality and high image quality. It is based on “health protection” and “close to the people”, which is in line with consumer demand. This is the Hisense laser TV 51. The key to the first raise.

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