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Hisense selling TVs expensive than Sony

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Hisense is in the top position of the domestic colour TV industry in China. Hisense is not only responsible for scale, brand and globalization, but also promotes the high-end and sustainable development model and new technologies with the industry.

In July 2019, Hisense’s first multi-screen TV in the world took the lead in raising the high-end banner of the colour TV industry. Against what you might think of a multi-screen TV, it is a TV with two LCD panel stacked upon each other. The technology has been developed to reduce the major issue of backlight bleed or grayish blacks that is common in most TVs, even in some of the high-end TVs.

If one of Sony’s founders, Jingshen, was still alive, what would he think when he sees the world’s first multi-screen TV from Hisense?

As an idealist, Ishida has a keen insight that can capture things that ordinary people can’t predict, but today, the aura of Sony is gradually retreating. The Hisense model seems to be more successful.

There will always be striking similarities in the histories. Once Sony’s technology continued to break through, and today Hisense is a newcomer to the global TV industry and new technology has become its secret weapon for the global competition.

On July 8th, the world’s first multi-screen TV was unveiled in Beijing

“The listing of Hisense’s multi-screen TV is a big event that allows the Chinese to keep a name for the world in the history of technology development.” Academician Ouyang Zhongcan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said in an interview with the people that he saw Hisense’s multi-screen TV. The first evaluation is that “the picture quality is shocking.” He believes that the launch of Hisense’s multi-screen TV has completely broken China’s technical bottleneck in the high-end TV field.

Hisense’s multi-screen TV won the highly acclaimed award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and it is due to its insistence on technological innovation, representing that China’s manufacturing is at the forefront of the TV industry.

Hisense Dual Screen TVs
Hisense Dual Screen TVs

Hisense fold-screen TV is more expensive than Sony

Dr. Liu Weidong, the chief scientist of Hisense Electric, introduced the so-called multi-screen, which refers to the multi-panel display scheme of the upper and lower panels. The upper colour screen focuses on colour control, faithfully restores colour while the lower black and white full HD screen focuses on fine dimming, showing high contrast and dark field details.

In terms of the selling price, according to Hisense’s on-site announcement, the price of the 65-inch star-studded TV is 17,999 yuan, which exceeds the price of Sony’s 65-inch LCD TV flagship this year. It will also push 55-inch and 75-inch products next year.

Why is Hisense’s global multi-screen TV more expensive than Sony?

“Whether it is the data of the Hisense National Key Laboratory or the comparative evaluation of third-party professional organizations, the quality of Hisense’s multi-screen TV has reached the top level in the world”. On July 8, at the Hisense Beijing New Product Launch Event, Hisense Dr. Liu Weidong, chief scientist of electrical appliances, said.

If we interpret from different dimensions, we will find that Hisense’s multi-screen TV is more expensive than Sony and has the strength and capital.

First, the picture quality and peak brightness exceed the HDR certification requirements. Dong Guiguan, director of the China Electronics Fourth Academy Audio and Video National Inspection Center, announced the authoritative test data of the National Inspection Center at the press conference:


The contrast of Hisense’s multi-screen TV U9E reached 150,000:1, and this core image quality index far exceeds OLED; Key image quality indicators such as peak brightness, colour gamut coverage and colour accuracy also exceed HDR certification requirements for OLED TVs.


The core technology is completely controlled by Hisense. From screen to the system, the core technologies of Hisense’s multi-screen TV are all controlled by Chinese companies. Hisense and the BOE R&D team jointly attacked the technology and broke the ceiling of LCD technology in one fell swoop, opening up a new space for LCD TV to enhance the quality, which also marks the beginning of Chinese companies in the development of global display technology, and helps in the super The field of high-definition video technology has formed China’s advantage.


The accurate image quality control of Hisense’s multi-screen TV is completed by the ultimate combination of five chips. The core of multi-screen TV is not to have a layer of panels. The most important is Hisense’s unique overlay control algorithm. For the first time in the industry, 5 chips are used to achieve efficient coordinated control of the backlight layer, the light control layer and the image layer. Through the sub-pixel level control, the static contrast of the LCD TV is increased from the highest 10000 to more than 100,000, so that the TV presents the most realistic and delicate colour and level in nature.


Benchmark the high-end development of the industry. Wang Wei, general manager of Hisense Electric Marketing Co., Ltd. believes that from May last year to this year, the average price of colour TV industry has dropped by nearly 10%, and the sales of the whole industry has dropped by nearly 14% (Zhongyikang data). The technical content of the industry has deteriorated and the price war has intensified. In the long run, this industry is a dead end. Therefore, from the 5000ZONE highest-division TV, multi-screen TV, tri-colour laser TV and the narrowest BM area products, Hisense hopes to raise the industry level by intensively introducing new technologies.

The national height of Hisense’s multi-screen TV

Hisense compared to Sony and Apple
Hisense compared to Sony and Apple

The picture quality is compared with the actual measurement. The left side is the Apple display, the middle is the Hisense multi-screen TV, and the right is the Sony LCD flagship.

From the current status of the colour TV industry, price competition is still one of the main means of occupying the market. For example, the 43-inch LCD TV has fallen below the 1,000-yuan mark. This shows that the Chinese TV market has never lacked lower-priced brands and products. What are lacking are the high-end products that can truly satisfy consumers’ personalized and high-end quality of life.

Hisense’s multi-screen TV, with its original technology and high-end products, has been well received by professional organizations and professionals.

Compared with other display technologies, Hisense’s multi-screen TV “subverts” the LCD TV quality is not as good as the “myth” of OLED TV, and the power consumption is superior to OLED. Consumers do not have to worry about the problem of OLED burning.

Academician Ouyang said that the launch of Hisense’s multi-screen TV has made LCD TVs have high-end products comparable to laser TVs and OLEDs. Secondly, the company has actively promoted the upgrading of colour TV sets and jointly developed and promoted multi-screen TVs. It is the risk of overcapacity in the upstream LCD panel companies. The listing of multi-screen TV is a big event that allows the Chinese to keep a name in the history of development. Academician Ouyang called on relevant state departments to actively promote and support the further development of multi-screen TV.

As the first brand of high-end colour TV in China, Hisense has always adhered to deep-rooted technology and continuously made breakthroughs with its own core technologies. It has continuously introduced cutting-edge technology products such as the 5000 zone highest-area super-picture TV, three-colour laser TV, narrowest BM TV and multi-screen TV. And open the door to welcome Huawei and other incoming players, this is the boss and responsibility of the boss.

“Opening the new generation of multi-screen TV, Hisense has achieved the position of the world’s first. We are going to sell TVs that are more expensive than Sony, that is, to lead the Chinese TV industry to the high end of the industrial ladder. If it is not Hisense, who else?” Wang Wei, general manager of the electrical marketing company, said.

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