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Hisense is no longer lonely. What do 17 companies incoming laser TV explain?

Those companies that have not been optimistic about laser TV are also highly accommodating, and they are also the best example of optimistic about future laser TV. Prior to this, Hisense walked alone for ten years in the field of laser display technology.

At that time, it was the time when LCD TVs were in full swing under the collective support of leading TV manufacturers such as Japan and South Korea. The manufacturers were headed by the Japanese and Korean brands, which represented the international standard of the year. It’s every move can influence the market trend of the time. Naturally, it has become the reference system for many other manufacturers to make a move and choose the right time.

With the trend of the times, LCD TVs are in full swing. However, the movements and efforts chosen by Hisense in the field of laser TV have are not weak, and the resources investment has increased year by year, which makes it quite stubborn apart from its loneliness.

Hisense 100" Laser TV
A decade of work has become a Sword!

Since the detonation of the third industrial revolution, the cycle of modern technological change has been greatly shortened, even if world-class technology can last up to ten years or so. In order to maintain long-term technology leadership, it is necessary to step up the development of the next generation of technology at the peak of the existing technology, so that the core leadership can be orderly and consistent. At the time, however, few people could have thought that Hisense’s 10-year-old laser display technology would be the most important force in today’s television market, representing future trends.

At the end of 2018, the Sixth Council of the 7th China Electronics Video Industry Association officially approved the establishment of a laser TV industry branch with Hisense as the lead unit, including Skyworth, Changhong, TCL, Konka, Haier and other key colour TV companies.  Ai Luowei and Hua Recording, China Optics, Zhongke Aurora, Zhejiang University, Chengdu Foster, Jizhi Technology, Extreme Meter, Guangfeng Optoelectronics, Hangzhou Yuanfang Optoelectronics, Shanghai Weishi Guangrui and other professional laser display companies, laser upstream core components are the part of 17 corporate members.

The establishment of the industry branch also symbolizes that the entire industrial chain connecting the upstream and downstream of the laser TV field has been officially opened. To create a synergy for the bigger and stronger laser TV industry. Hisense used the measures of the year to lay the foundation for today’s work. What is commendable is that this laser TV road is no longer lonely. In addition to the momentum of mutual aid alliance and joint development among enterprises, the policy orientation at the national strategic level fully demonstrates that laser display technology is promising.

As the representative of the next generation of display technology, laser TV has more vivid colours, more realistic pictures and more healthy vision. It has greater technical advantages, better user experience and broader industrialization prospects than traditional TV. “Made in China 2025” and “13th Five-Year Plan” have identified the laser display as a new display technology developed in China. This move was conducive to breaking the passive situation of the traditional display technology. It also hopes to establish the authoritative status and market-leading power of the latest TV display technology of Chinese TV companies on the international stage.

Hisense TV Display Quality

Taking traditional LCD TVs as an example, domestic manufacturers have long been subject to the key points of panels those are proud of Japanese and Korean brands. Many manufacturers usually pay a high price for other people’s patents, which makes them suffer from independent knowledge in the international market competition. The lack of property rights often falls into the embarrassing situation of being shy.

This feeling of cut and sniffing at others is really bad. Therefore, in Hisense’s view, the key to this dispute must begin to be revised from the inside out, to get rid of the constraints of patent technology. The precondition is to have a clean and complete TV revolution. It has long been boring to follow the trail, and it can be more spectacular.

Hisense, which has been searching for laser display technology for nearly a decade, finally launched the world’s first ultra-short-focus laser TV in 2014. In the laser light source technology, optical machine module, the whole machine manufacturing and other aspects have mastered the key technology, declared more than 700 technical patents, and led the development of laser display international standards, national standards, and actively promote laser TV technology, industry, the market towards maturity.

More than 700 patents are like a series of amulets, and these amulets in tandem have become the “customs clearance” for Hisense to open the door to the international market.

Laser TV Testing Certificate for Hisense
At present, Hisense Laser TV has two core advantages, a unique health eye protection and large screen, in 80 inches accounting for 50% of the super-large screen market of 80吋 and above.

According to the monitoring data of Zhongyikang and Aoweiyun.com, the sales of omnichannel and sales of Hisense TV ranked first in the Chinese market in 2018. In January of this year, Hisense TV’s sales share reached 20.09%. In February, Hisense TV’s sales share reached 21.68%, and its leading edge continued to expand. In February, Hisense’s laser TV retail sales increased by 177.56% year-on-year. The momentum is fast. Hisense has built a laser TV, leading innovation in domestic TV brands. In addition to self-breakthrough, it has also subverted the “trust regime” that foreign giants have long entrenched in the international TV market. Japanese and Korean manufacturers relying on LCD panels to survive are no longer so self-satisfied. Since Hisense Laser TV has obtained CB certificates from the United States, Europe and the world since mid-March, they found that these “star fires” that Hisense has sown have begun to make them faint. These foreign giants will not understand that the stockpile that has been provoked by Hisense has begun to hit the global market.

-Shui Mu (BlueTechnology)

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