Hero Motocorp take the German route to change the bike technology in India

Bikes in India is one of the major sources of traveling. Cars are the secondary means of transport and are also counted as a luxury traveling vehicle but bikes are what the majority of the population in India use. That said, there are a lot of entry-level bikes in India. People are more interested in two things when they look for any kind of vehicles in India, one; the mileage and two; the cost. The design of the bike and the features in the bike are secondary.

The two-wheelers as they are known in India is a huge market for the companies. There are bikes ranging from INR 30,000 tow INR 20,00,000 in India. People who are interested in bikes and are passionate about bikes look for every detail while there are people who only want good mileage on the bike at an aggressive cost. The marketing of such bikes is also done according to the audience it is targeting. That said, the technology in bikes is not at par with the world even after being one of the largest two-wheeler market in the world.

Hero, one of the biggest bike-makers in India are finally paying attention to the technology part. They are working hard to bring in the best tech from around the world. This has influenced the company to open a Research and Development center in Germany, one of the technologically advanced countries in the world.

Hero already has a Center of Innovation and Technology (CIT) in the pink city of Jaipur. That center is their Global R&D hub. The hub in Germany which is based in Stephanskirchen, a small town near Munich will play a vital role in the technological development of Hero. Hero Tech Center Germany GmbH is the subsidiary of Hero which will handle all the operations in Germany.

The hero was previously tied with Honda and the Hero Honda bikes were vastly popular in the country. However, half a decade ago or so, the companies parted their ways. Hero and Honda became separate companies. Hero has since then struggled with their bikes business and this might be the right direction to start fresh and enter into a new era.

The company’s Germany hub will work in tandem with its Indian hub. It will develop technology also for its motorsports team. Hero put India on the world map with its motorsports team known as Hero Motorsports Team Rally. There will be many new projects which will be executed and tested in this new facility. The main reason to go to Europe is that of the resources available all across Europe. It will be easier for them to develop technology they’re and bring it back to India with all those resources in Germany.

It will interesting to see how the company fares after this tremendous step and how the bike technology will change in India.

-Unmesh Phule

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