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Haier’s Growth in Europe is in Double Digits

Haier and Candy

From January to August, Haier’s full range of smart single product shares in Europe’s first year-on-year growth exceeded double digits

The good news from Germany’s IFA is the perfect answer for Haier’s acquisition of the Italian Candy brand in less than a year. It is also the first test after Haier’s globalization process.

According to GFK data, as of August this year, Haier’s full range of smart items ranked first in Europe in the European market. The number of active users and brand influence of Candy washing machines in Europe continued to rise. From January to August, Haier The growth of all businesses in Europe is double-digit. Among them, Haier Europe has the second-largest sales volume of washing machines except for Germany. By the end of this year, Haier’s market share in Europe is expected to enter Top 5 at the end of the year.” During the German IFA, Haier Overseas Sun Shubao, general manager of Europe, said in an exclusive interview with Blue Technology.

Haier GM Overseas
Sun Shubao, General Manager of Haier Overseas Europe

As the bridgehead of Haier, Europe has developed steadily in recent years. From channel construction, brand building, service system, R&D system to cross-border integration, European professionals believe that Haier is the most dedicated and sustainable in China’s home appliance brands in Europe.

Last year, when there was news that Haier and the famous Italian brand, Candy, had merged, there were still some doubts in the European market. But it turns out that the merger of the two sides, Haier brought an essential change to Candy.

First, incremental users increase, and inventory user activity increases. Candy users are not very active until the mergers and acquisitions have taken place, and many users are only a laundry tool for Candy. However, after the merger with Haier, it began to narrow the distance with consumers through scene experience, integrated marketing and interactive interaction and maintained normal communication and information feedback. This move has been widely recognized by European consumers, which is the root of the increase in incremental users and the active presence of stock users.

Second, corporate culture construction is more respectful of localization. Sun Shubao, general manager of Haier Overseas Europe, said that after the acquisition of Candy, Haier respected the original culture and remained in the management of the past in many important positions. Under the influence of the “one person in one” model, the integration of Haier team is a catalyst. The two sides have achieved a high degree of unity and understanding in management, culture and business models. The construction of the whole team is more dynamic and passionate.

Third, Candy employees are full of confidence in Haier. After the acquisition of Candy, employees’ awareness of Haier has never been seen. They have seen a truly globalized Haier, bringing them innovations in ideas, models and cross-border integration beyond products. Especially when providing services to consumers, Haier has a more unique way to find ways to engage customers actively. This is something that many Candy employees have not seen in the past and will not participate. But today, the “one person in one” model has changed the quality of past employees. They participate not for Haier, but for their own better future and better career growth.

Sun Shubao, general manager of Haier Overseas Europe, told Blue Technology that the acquisition of Candy is of great strategic importance to Haier’s globalization, especially in Europe. On the one hand, it will increase the channel of Haier’s whole category in Europe; on the other hand, the brands such as Candy and Haier occupy a vital role in Haier’s entire category covering different European populations.

The above-mentioned results achieved in the first eight months of this year are only the first step after Haier’s acquisition of Candy, and this step has aroused the wave of European white goods. From the speed of technical iterations to the growth of incremental users, especially in terms of design improvements, it has had a tremendous impact on peers.

As future changes, it will also attract more attention from competitors. Candy’s performance in Europe is only a microcosm of Haier. In fact, behind this, Haier has opened up the consumption logic and production logic of European consumers.

Haier’s change in Europe is consumption habits and brand cognition inertia, which has substantial benefits for the entire Chinese home appliance brand.

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