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Haier’s Customizable Appliances With COSMOPlat


Humans are confusing organisms. People sometimes want something just because everyone is having that and they feel the need to be part of the crowd. The rest of the times, people are in search of things that are unique so that they can show it off to people who do not possess that. Since the start of the industrial revolution, global manufacturing has been very fast. This resulted in tons of similar products as they were made by machines and once the design is put the products will be the same more or less.

Let’s fast forward to the 21st century. People are now bored with the general production process that creates similar products for everybody. With the advent of smart technologies, the need for personalization has emerged too. People want most of the things customized according to their needs.

Haier is one of the world’s largest home appliance and other equipment manufacturer. It is also known as the tailored life solutions manufacturer. Germany, as a country has proved its technological and engineering finesse since the late 19th century. The country has some of the world’s best engineering companies along with the best car manufacturers and so on. It is believed that anything coming out of Germany would be finely tuned and precisely designed and this true to a large extent. The engineering and technical prowess of the country has proved this true for a long time.

Hannover, Germany is hosting Messe 2019 from April 1st to April 5th 2019. Haier is showcasing its upgraded edition of COSMOPlat this year. The platform allows users to have personalized appliances. This year will be the first time in history that an integrated 5G technology would be used for a mass customization event. The event also houses technologies such as virtual testing, advanced motor homes, smart manufacturing, customized coffee machine and anti-static ceramic.

People, now a days, are obsessed and at the same time connected with their appliances electronically/digitally and emotionally. This has given rise to personalized appliances for everyone. Haier was known as a reliable brand in the industry. However, it quickly understood that to sustain in the long run, it needs to upgrade itself from just an electronics brand. It is offering such diverse products and so much customization options that it is quickly becoming a lifestyle brand.

Haier is a member of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) network of ‘Manufacturing Lighthouses’. According to a CISION PRNewswire’s news article, the company co-hosted Lighthouse Factory Forum with Bosch, Pheonix Contact and other leading manufacturers from WEF Lighthouse Factory list on the opening day of Hannover Messe. The developments that have been showcased in the event have been praised by the visitors and are a representation of the true development in the field of smart technologies.

-Soumya De

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