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Haier Is It True? Home Live Shot: Black Technology Cracks Down Users’ Life Problems

Haier released Season III Is It True? online on October 22. In this latest VCR, a series of tests were made on home appliances such as refreshing function of refrigerator, no-cleaning function of washing machine and fresh air change of air conditioner to bring Haier’s original 7 black technologies for the users vividly. Different from the previous two seasons, Season III, which is themed by unveiling technology, chooses home live shot by breaking through the restrictions in studio or laboratory to show the black technology scenarios hidden in users’ everyday lives and Haier’s original technical strength driven by users’ demand truthfully.

Seeing is believing: Haier’s 7 black technologies resolve users’ life problems at home

Fruits in refrigerators are likely to deteriorate and rot once they are saved for a certain period of time; the dirty roller of washing machine does harm to health; the closed air conditioned room may lead to out-of-limit carbon dioxide (CO2); water out of water heater is more dirty than imaged; smoke from kitchen ventilator will fly away when cooking; beef saved in freezer becomes lighter due to water loss. Air from central air conditioning not cleaned for a long period is dirty…all these will be included in the scenarios in Season III of Haier Is It True? and they do bother our lives for years. Haier never stops exploring on how to resolve problems effectively and providing users with smart, safe, healthy and efficient life experience through technological innovation.

“They can be kept fresh for 1-2 days but impossible for 7 days”. At the beginning of the program, interviewees all denied the 7-day freshness of lime cut. In order to know the exact result, the host cut two limes into half and put them into two citizens’ refrigerators respectively for freshness test. After weighing. 7 days later, the lime in common refrigerator turned yellow and became dried out and lighter due to loss of juice. On the contrary, the other lime saved in the other refrigerator was still fresh and plump and its weight nearly had no change; the truth is that the latter refrigerator is Haier refrigerator which is provided with precise control dry and wet separate storage technology. The humidity in all corners was kept balanced by setting isolated wet and dry storage areas and controlling the humidity of storeroom within a certain range by “precise control gentle air duct technology”, in order to strengthen freshness of food.

The obvious comparison results were also achieved in other several groups of tests. For instance, the dirt inside the roller of common washing machine that had long been used was serious but that of Haier clean-free washing machine was as tidy as before; in water heater test, the shower head of common water heater used for 1 year was full of incrustation but that of Haier water heater with clean washing 3.0 technology was quite clean…in the home test of the 7 scenarios, Haier’s black technology removed all these problems that had long bothered users on site. When “black technology” hit the headline on the market, Haier has made it penetrate into every household constantly.

Driven by users: Haier’s original technical strength becomes the “soul of black technology”

By upholding the innovative idea of “focusing on users” all the time, Haier could keep providing users with beautiful life solution from breaking through the wet and dry separated storage and cell freshness technology which is the industrial bottleneck to create healthy experience fresh air system and air curtain 8° technology by grasping users’ demands precisely and highlighting original technical strength.

Haier has established its 10 + N global open innovative system gradually, where N refers to the R & D strength worldwide. In virtue of the worldwide 10 R & D centers which serve as the basic platform and carrier and connecting nearly 1 million resources around the world, Haier connects the local resources of the users based on their demand. The user’s demand dominated global open innovation mode makes Haier’s original technology be recognized by users and market rapidly. According to the incomplete statistics, Haier’s 112 original technologies were imitated by rivals.

Besides, Haier’s scientific creativity recognized by worldwide users could be seen by comparing 4 indicators recognized in science from the layer of standard, patent, industrial design and nation. Haier ranks the 1st among all these 4 indicators and has the right of speech in the four layers. In light of the above, Haier’s technical innovation strength has been recognized by the world, making it the first one honoring “Gartner 2017 High Technology Manufacturing Innovation Award” in global industrial manufacturing field; it was also listed into “2017 World Top 100 Most Valuable Science Brands” issued by Brand Finance, UK’s brand appraisal agency and “China’s Top 100 of the World Most Innovative Enterprises” by Fast Company, USA’s authoritative economy media. Its innovation achievements have attracted the world’s attention.

For enterprises, brands and industries, innovation refers to No. 1 power driving development. Over the past years, Haier has insisted on the idea of “combination of employees and users’ value” and upgraded products based on users’ demand to ensure the continuity of technical innovation. Through successful exploration under the era of Internet and IOT, it has pushed the original technology of home appliances the greatest worldwide.

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