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Haier Home Appliances: The Global Leader?

Haier being represented on a world stage

The annual Canton Fair is a mirror

In the past, this mirror showed the results of Chinese companies’ exports. Today, Haier “global brand” is changing the image of China Canton Fair: China’s innovation is achieving global leadership, and Chinese brands gradually grasp the global voice of home appliances.

In the Haier exhibition booth, the industry’s first dry and wet storage refrigerator, the world’s first no-tub washing machine, the world’s first air purifier, self-cleaning air conditioner, and other products are waiting in line for the world’s attention.

This is also an important signal by the Canton Fair this year: Chinese companies have already stood at the center of the world’s home appliance industry platform. Haier represents not only Chinese manufacturing, but also China’s high-end manufacturing; not only China’s innovation, but also China’s invention; not only Chinese products but also Chinese brands, international brands.

Exporting the world to the world

On April 15, the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) officially opened on the bank of the Pearl River. In the Haier exhibition area of ​​Hall 3.2, the dazzling LED screens form a window of the world to welcome exhibitors and buyers from all over the world.

Haier booth had people from all around the world. But in 1988, more than 30 years ago, Haier was lonely. In 1988, Haier participated in the Canton Fair for the first time. The exhibition area was less than 5 square meter. The two refrigerators opened the door of Haier for the world.

In the next 30 years, Canton Fair witnessed Haier’s move from China to the world. It also witnessed the upgrading of Haier’s global user demand, from export brands to exporting smart home eco-brands, and the world witnessed a different kind of Haier Story.

Looking back at history, many home appliance companies in China often choose OEMs to cut into the global market in order to quickly obtain international orders. Exports of foreign exchange have caused their long-term focus on the Chinese market, and it is difficult to integrate into the local market to launch the brand.

Haier has launched a three-in-one localization strategy of localized research and development, localized production, and localized marketing, through export creation.

On a global scale, Haier, with more than one billion users, is becoming a brand giant, an innovation giant and a user giant. One of the successful genes created by Haier is to make Haier a global brand that is “stateless”. He is no longer Haier in China, but Haier in the world.

Another sign of the globalization of brands depends on local consumers and the perception of the brand’s dependencies.

Haier in the eyes of the Americans is made in the United States. In the eyes of the Russians, Haier is made in Russia. Made in Thailand, made in India, and made in Pakistan, it is becoming a beautiful landscape created by Haier. Haier has achieved a true global creation through thorough global R&D and global manufacturing.


Export innovation to global users

If Haier in 1988, with a lofty person’s attitude at the Canton Fair with a 5 square meter booth, opened the curtain to the world, then Haier was looking and smiling at the world.

Thirty years ago, Haier’s globalization had just begun, and it had not yet outlined the global creation of the brand then. Global factories and global mergers and acquisitions were all castles in the air.

Hair was lonely with no colleagues. There was no model and history to learn from. Haier became the first in the Chinese household appliance industry to cross the rivers. Thirty years later, with Haier’s global creation, Haier’s globalization has entered a harvest period.

Haier is the first Chinese home appliance brand with 1 billion users worldwide.

In France, the largest appliance store sells the most expensive refrigerators from Haier; in Thailand, Haier’s high-end products, Casa di Gemini, set the highest price for Chinese washing machines in Thailand;

In Russia, the Haier washing machine’s high-end price segment of 4 million rubles and above reached 25%; to date, Haier and GE Appliances dual-brand air conditioners ranked first in the US market for two consecutive years. At the same time, among Chinese brands, Haier has ranked first in its own brand of household air conditioners for two consecutive years.

GE Appliances, which was acquired by Haier, has become the choice of half of the family in the US market through its localized layout, but it is also actively deployed in the world, opening 22 product experience stores in China;

New Zealand’s Fisher & Paykel firmly controls the Australian market and achieves the largest share of dryers in the Australian market, as well as its own marketing centers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, etc.;

AQUA promotes the community wash model in Japan, with a 75% share in the local business community, and an independent marketing center in Vietnam, Thailand, and other places…

In the Haier Canton Fair exhibition area, the first thing I saw was the wonderful show of Haier washing machine “Fangfang”: the direct-drive washing machine with three feet hanging upside down, the twin-washing, washing machine with a high champagne tower, the drying and washing. The fusion fiber washing machine; the high-end products such as dry and wet storage refrigerators and net self-cleaning air conditioners are also distributed in the exhibition area, showing the world the achievements of Haier’s global brand.

Driven by the needs of global users, Haier has made local innovations based on its global layout. For example, in Saudi Arabia, Haier has developed products such as freezers with 100 hours of blackout capacity and tropical air conditioners; in the Indian market, Haier has developed refrigerators. Haier brand products are spread all over the world.

For the users, in the past, it was like ‘enterprise make and users buy’ policy for high-end products. Nowadays, it is necessary to realize the higher in quality and price ecology system of creating users and enterprises through interaction.

Therefore, behind Haier each product connection there is a real user and every users’ needs can be realized through Haier. Haier declared its success from the global brand layout and localization innovation with the results of 10 consecutive world appliances.

Because of the globalization of the brand for global users, Haier can first understand the changes in industry trends and user needs, and take the lead in the “transformation of the Internet of Things enterprises”.

Under the guidance of the single-in-one mode, Haier and the user are co-creating relationships. By sensing the users’ needs, Haier provides personalized home appliance services to users, and through continuous iterative interaction, drives the continuous innovation of products and services. Haier’s global brand building provides direction.

[Blue Technology] Ji Feng

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