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Haier: Global OEM is not called globalization, global brand recognition is globalization


If Chinese market is a river then global market is a vast ocean. Within the country, the size of an enterprise is only a big fish in the river. Only by going to the sea of the global market we can see a higher pattern. At this year’s Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE), the Chinese home appliance brand one after another going for globalization.

Haier’s global brand matrix consists of seven brands including Haier, Casarte, GE Appliances and Candy. They showcased the latest achievements of the world-class smart family eco-brand; Midea brought its Little Swan, Beverly, Van Dylo, and online brand such as “COLMO”. Hisense, Kelon and Gorenje, the brands of Hisense Group, appeared together. Gree Electric also exhibited three brands as Gree, Jinghong and Dasong.

As the saying goes, when the seas are in turmoil, heroes demonstrate their nature. At the end, who is the fish in the river, who is the fish in the sea, AWE has already begun to see.

It was not difficult to find out at the exhibition halls of AWE. In the multi-brand layout of home appliance enterprises, Haier’s “globalization” was thorough and transparent, and it was truly a “globalization”. Mainly reflected in three aspects: the industry global OEM, Haier brand “melted” into the global users; the industry will be localized M&A brands, Haier will globalize the M&A brand; the industry is struggling with product competition, Haier creates eco-brands globally Chemical.

On the global platform, Haier is able to shuffle freely because it has chosen to be a small fish in the big sea from the beginning and not to be a big fish in a small river. It is also bound to be greeted by storms and waves from around the world.

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