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Growing But Limited Dishwasher Market In Thailand: Analysis

Dishwashers are being accepted and used by Thai consumers more than in the past, but are still not particularly popular compared with other consumer appliances. In comparing between built-in and freestanding models, built-in models are popular in high-end condominiums and houses as part of their decor, functionality, and convenience.

A dishwasher is equipment used for cleaning dishware and cutlery automatically. Increasing the adoption of the dishwasher in both residential and commercial sectors is fueling the growth of the dishwasher market. Moreover, advancement in technology, easy availability of the product, and changing lifestyle influences the dishwasher market growth.

Thai consumers who own dishwashers are mostly people who have lived abroad, especially in European cities where there is wide use of such products, or who have experience of their use in hotel/restaurant kitchens, and thus are aware of the benefits of a dishwasher at home. Nevertheless, the consumer base is very small and slow to grow.

Thai people prefer to wash their cookware and dishes by hand with a dish sponge and steel wool to get rid of stubborn stains and residue from their stir-fry cooking and seasoning ingredients. With this habit persisting, Thai consumers do not see the need to own a dishwasher and would rather save the money.

Dishwashers are only popular among urban households, which are commonly occupied by 2-3 family members in apartments with limited space. As a result, they often favor a freestanding dishwasher, which is portable or movable to other places in the kitchen if they need more space temporarily.

Bosch & Siemens Home Appliances (Thailand) Ltd continues to occupy the leading position in dishwashers. It receives high ratings for reliability and customer satisfaction on customer review websites.

With the notion of home cooking, Electrolux accentuates care, and wellbeing besides the taste. The brand advocates the idea that a large dishwasher allows family members to spend time together cooking and eating without worrying about clearing up.

In accordance with the limited albeit growing demand for dishwashers in Thailand, manufacturers and importers on the supply side have not launched many models in retail stores yet as new customer segments have not been captured. At the same time, promotional campaigns for dishwashers are not as common as other consumer appliances.

Despite increased consumer confidence, many customers remain price-conscious when purchasing a dishwasher and as such will often look for promotions and/or discounts prior to committing to a purchase. Due to the rapid growth in online shopping, more consumers are now purchasing electronics and appliances online. As a result, many electronics and appliance specialist retailers are focusing more on developing an e-commerce platform and creating special deals for online purchases.

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