Google wants to be in your house with the help of Home Hub for reasons you wouldn’t believe

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Google is a company which has out of the box business strategies. Their device launches are also brilliant and they never fail to amaze. Their Pixel 3 launch was one of the best in the world and they mocked the funny color names Apple has for their devices and ironically named their device colors in a funny way. Google has always been at the forefront of any tech battle and their overall performance has also been good.

To dig more into the overall performance of Google, apart from giving the world Android and, there are many more things the company is known for. The Home Hub, for instance, is one of the devices which is underrated and is in the shadow of Alexa. To explain the functioning of Home Hub, you just need to know what a personal assistant is. It is nothing but Alexa with a screen. It has the same functions as that of Alexa and does everything you ask for it to do but it has a screen to showcase some things as well.

Google Voice Assistant will recognize you with the help of your own voice when there are multiple users. It will keep separate profiles of each user and will personalize it differently for every member of the house. Apart from this, it will shop for you, tell you the weather, book you a taxi, and all the other things a personal assistant would do.

Home Hub is basically priced at $150. The price is a bit on the higher side but yes it has that kind of functioning. However, the company had offered a huge discount during the festive season as the $150 price tag was brought down to $79 and it was bought by a whole lot of people. Now that the festive period is over the device is still on sale for $99 and people are buying it relentlessly.

That said, the reason for the same is not because the sales were on the lower side and the company is trying to clear the inventory but because they want to sell Home Hub as much as they can. They are literally selling at no profit and might be going into losses selling the Home Hub at such a low price. But they can do this because when people use the Home Hub, Google will behold the most expensive thing in the entire world; user data.

The user data collected from the Home Hub will be of the highest quality and very personal. This could be utilized for generating personalized advertisements and that lost money would return to Google via advertisements. This is genius from Google and that is the reason you are able to buy Google Home Hub or their personal assistants at such low prices. It is also used by Amazon and the company getting the results from the same.

Amazon Echo is bought by a huge number of people and people who own Echo spend a total of $1700 on average yearly, which is $400 more than Amazon Prime users. This is the reason even Google wants their Home Hubs in your houses.

-Unmesh Phule

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