Google To Show Ads On Its Homepage As It Releases New Tools For Marketers

Google's logo

Google during the recent event emphasized on privacy. The world right now is in need of privacy. The privacy needed is not from people but from the internet and the lone wolves targeting the people who are open and free. The data is taken without the permission of the people and they are not even aware of it. Every major company or let us just say the top five companies in the world were accused of storing or misusing the data.

All the companies, sharing the new technologies with the world, emphasized on the word ‘privacy’. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about privacy which was laughed at and he laughed with them as well. That being said, Google is one of those companies which can exploit the data they have without even us knowing. 85% of the world’s smartphones run on Android and here is where the company has the power.

Point being, if there is any company which needs to focus on privacy, it is Google. The company needs to understand the right ways to help users regain trust and also help marketers find the right tools to market their products. To help the marketers, Google came out with new products and they were announced at an event recently held at the headquarters.

The ad-based Google

Google might produce the best browser or the best operating system for smartphones but at the core of it all, Google will remain to be an advertising-based company. Almost 85% of its annual revenue comes from advertisements and personalized advertisements at that. This happened with the help of the data it collected. However, since it has promised its user the control of the data will be in their hands from the next updates, the company had to come up with other ideas.

That being said, it did that and the company has new ways and software marketers for posting ads and using the Google Ads feature more accurately. Point being, the company is going to guide people with the tools on how to collect data and be within their limits. And since it is going to give the key of their data to the users, it will remain to see how all of this takes place.

The iconic homepage compromised

The iconic Google homepage which is most of the times used for testing the internet is compromised. It was the only page on Google which was not touched by adverts. However, that is not the case anymore. The company has decided to show ads where generally Google doodles rule. Now, along with all the brilliant doodles, Google will have some advertisements to go with it. This is a huge decision and it will be interesting to see how the company uses the space available on the page.

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