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Google to cease messaging app Allo to fast forward the progress of Messages and Duo

Messaging applications of all kinds have had their time. There was a time when they were simply used to only send messages from one to end to other. Then they were used to send photographs of some extent to one another. Then came a time when you could actually send videos and make audio calls. Fast forward a year or two and you could now video call with the other person and even group video call. Such has been the transformation of the messaging apps.

The WhatsApps and the iMessages and the Hike Messengers of this world have been carrying the baton of this enormous branch of the internet. However, there are some underlying applications which work in the shadow of all of the big three mentioned above. These are the applications which try to be everything the top three apps are but either fail miserably or are doing well in their own verse.

Google has developed a couple of such apps which have lived up to expectations. Google Hangouts and Google Allo have had a pretty good effect. There are certain features it has which are really useful. However, Hangouts was rumored to shut down a week ago as Google was looking for better options and improving its other apps. These rumors did not go down well.

Hours after the rumors Google came out with an official statement saying that they are actually going to upgrade Hangouts for non-corporate users as well. Those will be named as Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. This time the aim for Google is to create a unique yet uniform messaging app which will allow all kinds of users to connect well with one another.

That said, after the rumors of Hangouts shutting down, there came an official statement of its brother Google Allo being taken down. Google’s Vice President of Consumer Communication Products, in a blog post, said that they have stopped putting in money in the Google Allo since earlier this year and have learned a lot from the application.

They have actually transferred some of its features like GIFs, Smart Reply and even desktop support to messages. This news comes out at a time when iMessages is on top of its game. This might give every android users a dream about having an iMessage like application of their own. As the blog also mentions that they are going to work on their messaging application instead. This news might be a groundbreaking revelation in future years as it promises Google is going to come out with something greater than this.

That said, Allo will continue to work till March 2019. After that, the application will erase every chat, whether in incognito or in any other form. It will also delete all the backup there is of the users. So all this is also a shout out to all the Allo users to get their backup fixed before the app ceases to exist in its entirety. All in all, this is a step backward for google taken as a run-up to take the sprint forward with Messages and Duo.

– Unmesh Phule

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