Google Pixel 3a, its review and price in India

Google Chrome logo on phone

Google is a company which keeps on innovating and keeps on giving us new things to look forward to. And Google Pixel is one such device which is a culmination of multiple innovations. The fact that it operates in the premium flagship market and has one of the best cameras in the world without over emphasizing on the dual camera thing is just brilliant. The company has managed to become a leading smartphone maker apart from everything else it does.

Another best part about Google Pixel is that since it uses the in-house developed Operating System, it gets all the updates before anyone else. The software updates are extremely important and for a phone which runs stock, android is an experience in itself. For minimalists also, it is one of that software which allows you to play with it.

That being said, Google Pixel is a flagship, costs a fortune. Now, for the phone to reach a certain number of people, Google has come out with Pixel 3a, a smaller and a cheaper version of Pixel. This is for people who cannot afford a flagship phone but can afford a premium phone. Pixel 3a will be direct competition for OnePlus.

Google Pixel 3a and all about it

Google Pixel 3a is a device which gives you the feel of a flagship but doesn’t cost that much. The compromises made on making Pixel 3a affordable are deal breakers but if you want a phone which has a camera of a flagship, then Pixel 3a is a deal for you. It is something which will turn eyeballs but the feel is premium and the screen is not. There are huge bezels, the chin is also thicker, for a larger screen of Pixel 3a XL, Google has just increased the screen ratio by a bit but even that version has thick bezels.

That being said, Google Pixel 3a boasts similar camera specs as that of a Pixel 3. The images clicked don’t differ one bit but the compromises come where they shouldn’t. The cheaper version is not as slick as it should be. It has a Snapdragon 670 processor which is a bummer as the phone is distinctively slower than any other smartphone in that range. The design is the exact replica of Pixel 3 with different specifications.

There are two versions of Pixel 3a, one which is called as named before while the second one comes with a larger screen called as Pixel 3a XL. The display on the former is 5.6-inch full-HD+ (1080×2220 pixels) OLED display. Similarly, the 6-inch display on 3a XL is of the same specs except for the size of it. The RAM is also similar on both the phones with 4GB being the number. These are the major changes in the 3a from Google Pixel 3.

Price in India

Google phones in India are generally priced at around INR 60 thousand especially Pixel 3. This price is a humongous number for a phone which has a moderate display. However, Google Pixel 3a has reduced its price immensely. The price comes down to INR 39,999 which is almost INR 40 thousand. As compared to the US, the Google phone is costlier.

That is because of the import duty. In the US, the phone costs around $399 which is around INR 27 thousand after conversion. This is where Google might have lost the battle in India. People will opt for OnePlus 6T which is now available for INR 32 thousand on Amazon.

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