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Google Offers Free Nest Hub For Nest Aware Subscribers

Nest Hub

Google is known for giving away free Assistant-capable devices, but the company’s latest promotion is more interesting in that you can snag a free Nest Hub. The company has started emailing some Nest Aware subscribers in the US and the UK to offer them the Assistant-enabled smart display. The offer, which was spotted by Android Police, is valid through July 31st.

The promotions come after Google streamlined Nest Aware in May. Instead of paying per camera, the new subscription starts at $60 per year (or $6 per month) and provides 30 days of event video for all the Nest security devices inside your home.

Redemption codes were sent out to Nest Aware subscribers and the terms in the emails detail that the offer is valid through July 31. Even though there seemed to be a hiccup initially with redeeming the offer, it looks as though they’re now functioning properly. That’s wonderful news to those that are on the new Nest Aware plan. However, it doesn’t seem like the offer is extended to subscribers to the old service. We reached out to Google for clarification, but haven’t received a response yet if legacy subscribers will be given the same offer.

Nest Aware recently launched the next iteration of its service last month in May, after being first introduced last fall during its event. The service previously offered a subscription service for its security cameras, like the Google Nest Cam, that offered event history and video storage for a period of days.

With the updated service, which starts at $6 per month, the new Nest Aware covers all Nest cameras, speakers, and smart displays — whereas the previous model of the service only covered a single device. Another advantage over the previous service is the ability to get in touch with emergency services from the Home app, which connects to the 911 center closest to your home no matter your location.

The Google Nest Hub can also leverage some of Nest Aware’s new features, like the ability to listen to specific sounds to alert users about potential problems. For example, it can listen for the distinct sound of a fire detector alarm going off, which would then send you a notification. Rather than forking over the $100 to pick one up, this should be a great addition to any budding smart home.

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