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Google Neighbourly App To Shut Down On May 12

Tech giant Google will shut down its ‘Neighbourly’ app – which was designed to help people source local information from their neighbors – as it failed to scale up. The app was launched in May 2018 in Mumbai and then scaled to other cities like Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, and Mysore. A few months later, it was made available pan-India.

“We set out to build a helpful neighborhood app that would let neighbors help each other find answers to everyday questions about their neighbourhoods,” a Google spokesperson said. However, the product has not grown as the company had hoped, the spokesperson added.

This announcement comes almost two years after the company initially launched the app in India. It is worth noting that Neighbourly was in Beta and did not gain many features or improvements since the launch. The company shared the details about Google Neighbourly shut down in an email to the app users. According to the email, Google will shut down the service on May 12, 2020, almost two years after the launch. Let’s take a closer look at the details surrounding the shutdown.

The platform aimed at helping users discover their neighborhoods including services and facilities. Google Neighbourly allows casual users to ask details about nearby services with the help of other users in the area. It is worth noting that the company did expand the service to multiple cities after launching in Mumbai. However, the app failed to gain enough traction as “enough users” did not use it to deliver an impressive experience.

Taking a closer look at the email, Google revealed that the community came together to answer “over a million questions”. This includes important information during floods, and even celebrating festivals as a community. In addition, the company noted that it will focus on improving other Google apps in this difficult scenario. The shift in focus to other apps will help Google serve “millions of people” that use these apps every day.

Google also pointed existing Google Neighbourly users to its Google Maps Local Guide service to help users in their area. This will ensure that users can continue to help and answer questions related to their area.

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