Google looks at India to fast forward its chip-making program

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Google is one of those companies that likes to create. It has a strong history of producing technology that is hard to imagine if not anything else. The company keeps on inventing and then reinventing everything. It has a lot of resources and it makes use of it perfectly. That said, the company doesn’t want to be dependent on anything. It wants to create every piece of every device they make and the company is working towards this goal, slowly and steadily.

The company has forayed into the chip-making business, a business which is mainly dominated by the likes of Intel and Qualcomm. Chips are an integral part of any device, the product won’t function properly if the chip is not suitable or damaged. That said, currently many data centers in the world use x86 chips made by Intel. The companies then have to design their data centers according to the chip made available to them by Intel.

That said, Google is now going to design and produce its own chips. The company has already started doing the same. It has a team working on the gChips, as they are supposed to be known, in Silicon Valley. They are going to work on it maybe produce a better chip than Intel.

In spite of its project based in Silicon Valley, the company has hired 16 Indians who were working with existing chip-makers. This is based on the LinkedIn profiles and all these 16 Indians, supposedly, are engineers. This team is an extension to the Silicon Valley’s team and will fine-tune and test the chips before sending them for manufacturing. That said, the company is looking to make its own chips and it could be huge for them.

Google has recently forayed into producing other devices which are smart and have their own smart speaker as well. They also have products in the range of smart home security. Apart from this, they have a Home Hub, which they are trying to sell at a cheaper price. That said, if the company manages to successfully produce its own chip, then it will be a huge blow for the existing chip manufacturers. The other benefit would be that they would be able to design their products freely as there won’t be any limitations of any kind. The most significant change will be the reduced costs and also the reliability on foreign companies.

Moving on, the big five, that is Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook are working on making their own chips. If this becomes successful then the traditional chip-making companies will fall behind and the market will be majorly shared by these companies. Apple already has its A4 chips in iPhones and Amazon is going to produce their own with Google now into the market. These are worrying times for companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and many others.

-Unmesh Phule

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