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Google is Shutting Down The YouTube Gaming App

It’s been 4 years to the launch of YouTube Gaming App which was a response to Amazon’s purchase of Twitch and Google has already announced to shut it down. On May 30th, Google with shutdown the standalone YouTube gaming app and the gaming website- It was announced last year that Google would shut down the YouTube gaming app only due to the reason that it was not popular enough. YouTube serves around 50 billion hours of gaming content every year but it did not seem very fascinating to the users because there was not a very good response from the users and they are not viewing the gaming-specific sites and the apps. It did not turn out to be a successful gaming platform and hence, Google decided to shut it down for the same cause.

What happened in the past?

Google tried to buy the game streaming giant back in 2014, but the company was purchased by Amazon. YouTube Gaming was launched one year later which was the clone of Twitch. YouTube Gaming offered a very different interface from YouTube, in the same way, Twitch is different from YouTube. Livestreams were heavily promoted for the purpose of motivating people to play games, along with a low-latency streaming mode for a  better chat interaction. The site also set about copying some of Twitch’s monetization features, with things like paid “Super chats” and paid channel subscriptions.

“We want to continue to build a stronger home for the gaming community that thrives on YouTube, not just the YouTube Gaming app. After May 2019, we’ll retire the YouTube Gaming app and focus our gaming efforts across YouTube,” the company wrote in its support page. It was announced last year September itself that they would shut down the YouTube gaming app but due to some causes it could not happen but this time it is happening for real. The app will shut down from May 30th. If you want to continue viewing gaming content, you can use the standard YouTube app. As of now, the app is still available on Play Store. However, it is unknown when it would stop functioning and it works just like before.

Google has shut down other services as well

YouTube gaming app can be added to Google’s 2019 shut down list which happens to be very long. Google has been impatiently shutting down their services like and this year it has shut a large number of services like Google+, Google Inbox, Google Allo, the Chromecast Audio, and many others. Google Hangouts and Google Play Music are also on Google’s radar and they may also be shut in the coming future. The continuous shutdowns by Google have made people question its confidence, naturally, they would even doubt the future products as well. Google Stadia, which is an upcoming cloud gaming service, it’s longevity will be doubted by the people. Google, being the tech giant plays a massive role in everyone’s daily life and such hasty and impulsive decisions by Google will only impact its goodwill.



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