Google Introduces New Privacy Features And Shows Off AI Driven Google Assistant

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Google is a company which will bring a new update almost every other day. There is always something new going on at the company and the world is waiting for the same. Every year, Google keeps some amazing announcements for Google Keynote. This keynote touches upon the new things the company is bringing out for the people in the world. The Keynote tells us about the future of the company as well.

Privacy is the new thing which every big company has talked about. These are the things which are causing a lot of discussions and Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google talked about privacy extensively. Privacy is the main thing of the event and how Google wants to be ahead of the expectations of the consumer. The expectations of the consumer are going to increase every single day and the company has fulfilled it without being too ahead and too behind of the time.

Privacy the real deal

Google talked entirely about privacy and how it will change the way consumers went about their business. A simple feature could keep a person from being exposed to the internet bullies or their data being misused. Google announced multiple changes to the current system in place. Amongst these changes, there was one update which stood out. The update was the incognito mode.

The new incognito mode is integrated into Google Maps. This will keep your location a secret and no one but the user will know the traveling plans. The location data will not be stored as well, this is just like the incognito mode on its browser, where none of the browser histories is stored. Along with this, the company has brought in a few more changes.

Those changes are also not huge but in Android Q, the newest version of the Android Operating System, a user would be able to easily alter the permissions required by the app. Prior to this, it was extremely tricky to allow or disallow an application’s use of your location, now it can be easily altered. To go a step further, Google will also ask the user about how much time the location data should be stored in the database. It is also easy to erase the location data.

The above feature will allow the user to tell Google that his/her data should be deleted after a certain amount of time, this will increase the trust of the user as well.

The AI-driven assistant

Artificial Intelligence is going to take Google Assistant a step further. It will now be able to book cabs and order food with just your orders. AI is going to change the Google Assistant for good and Pichai talked about this during last year’s keynote when the company introduced Duplex and the features within. The assistant might just integrate more of those features.

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