Google India to review the people applying for ads before posting them online

Google looking to train journalists over fake news

Google has been facing a lot of slag for its advertisements in India. It was recently sent notice by Amul for the fake advertising about its franchises. Google has been on the receiving end not only in India but in a lot of countries. It was the first casualty under the GDPR in EU as France fined the company and asked for $57 million for the lack of transparency and many other things.

That said, Google is now taking the transparency thing very seriously. Normally the US tech giant doesn’t review the people who are applying for ads, it is always looking at the nature of the advertisement and that’s about it. However, it is now implementing a new policy for the people of India. As the elections creep closer and closer, Google and other social media giants will look to rope in money in every way possible.

Google will not advertise political ads just because the person is paying them money. It will properly review the person applying for the advertisement and only then it will give the green signal. It all sounds easy but it is not. India’s election is the largest democratic election in the world and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be looking for a second successive term at the helm. This is going to be huge for Google.

This decision taken by Google is for their betterment and has nothing to do with the election contesting parties. Google will play it safe this time around and will ask the people who are applying for advertisements for certificates. These certificates would be their pass to post advertisements and promote a campaign online. People can get these certificates from the Election Commission of India (ECI) and if they are unable to provide a clearance from ECI then they will not be able to post ads on Google.

The reviewing of people applying for advertisements will start from February 14, 2019.

Apart from this Google is going to partner with the Election Commission of India for other reasons as well. It will take ECI’s advice to cut out the fake news which kills fair competition. It will also look to provide relevant information to its users regarding elections and the relevance will be given to them by ECI. These are the necessary steps taken by Google, not for the first time. They did the same during the US elections and this is what saved them in the aftermath. It was nowhere near Facebook’s scandal as it had taken precautions.

Google will look to rip out the political tool fake news has become. It will eradicate the entire fake basis of advertisements and this will bring in better competition and users and people will know who a good candidate is. Nowadays, web advertisement is larger than offline ads as they have farther and better reach without lifting 100 feet banners. It has a larger impact on the audience as well and so Google has a lot of responsibility and it is doing a good job of recognizing the same.

-Unmesh Phule

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