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Google Home Vs Amazon Echo Best Prime Day Pick

Google vs Amazon

With just hours left before the much-awaited “Amazon Prime Day” concludes, we are here to help you with the highly discussed product comparison going around these days.

Google Home Vs Amazon Echo

Now the question is how do you collate these two? Well hopefully, we can help!

Meeting all its expectations, The Amazon Echo and the Google Home are both very polished smart speakers, and neither would look out of place in your home. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are both maturing and becoming more useful with every passing day too.

Both the Amazon and Google smart speakers (and their assistants) let you get answers to questions, set timers and alarms, control smart home devices, and much, much more – all with spoken voice commands.

Though Amazon Echo and Google Home have a lot in common, however, there are also some key differences to talk about. You need to be aware of what you’re getting before you part with any of your hard-earned cash.

Alexa  Vs. Google Assistant

Both Alexa and Google Assistant are excellent voice assistance platforms, with a variety of features. Alexa, for instance, supports slightly more smart home devices, while Google lets you upload your music to its cloud. Alexa is much more configurable if you’re willing to stick to its specific syntax, while Google Assistant is easier to use, less frustrating, and more fluid.

Google Home Speaker has a slight edge over Echo in terms of sound quality, But 3.5 mm jack in Echo (Alexa) provides you with the luxury of multiple third-party speakers as compared to Google Assitant ( Home). Hence Amazon’s Model is much preferred in office space wherein people have the device nearby, whereas Google Home should be picked for the house to provide easy operability while moving around.


The latest Amazon is an easy cylinder, about six inches high, with several removable fabric and wood covers so it can fit into a range of home decors. The top has a volume ring that lights up whenever Alexa is activated. It has two buttons: one that turns the microphone off, and a multipurpose Action button.

Google Home measures 5.6 inches tall and 3.8 inches around. It comes in white, with swappable fabric and metal bases in seven colors. The Home’s aesthetic is inspired by candles and wine glasses, with a top half made of smooth, hard plastic that lights up with LEDs in four colors when it’s listening. It also has a touch interface you can use to play and pause music, change volume, and activate Google Assistant. It has a mute button in the rear.

Both the device sports a rather simple look, with both having the swappable-base. So its basically a choice between Amazon’s neutral colors and woods or Google’s bolder colors and metal. we think Google’s approach is a more on-trend at the moment, especially with its metal base

Voice Control

Both the speaker use voice activation to control music playback, searches and supported smart home devices. The Echo has multiple wake word options, but only one female voice.  Google Home ( only has one wake word option, but it now has both male and female voices.

Home’s voice is more interactive with its control and much better at handling free-form, web-based queries as compared to Alexa.

Wi-Fi, Skills, and Calls

The Echo and Home connect to your home Wi-Fi network. But the Home had weaker Wi-Fi connectivity and reach than the Echo, Home now has more than 1,800 third-party skills, while Alexa has more than 24,000.

Both the Echo and Google Home now let you make outbound voice calls to regular phones. But Google Home devices can’t receive calls. Amazon’s Echo can receive calls from the other Echo.

To conclude with the discussion both the devices offer pretty much similar yet some peculiar features, Thus we would recommend Amazon Echo for office or workplace user and the Google Home seems more home environment-friendly.



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