Google Duplex project moves on as Google crack the biggest problem

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Google is one of those companies which beliefs in invention, reinvention, and perfection. This is how it is one of the biggest companies and has made our lives easier than it was before. The company has given us a perfect example of to make use of Artificial Intelligence. It has not made it creepy or it has not made its use in a way which might harm us in the future. It has made it simpler and better.

That said, roughly a year ago in May of 2018, at Google Keynote, Sundar Pichai, the main man at the American giant, talked us through something called Duplex. He said that the company has used everything it has invented to make this technology a success. Duplex is a system that goes with Google Assistant and will help you call and make reservations. The thing is that you don’t have to touch your phone or call anyone. Google Assistant will do it for you.

Sundar Pichai gave us a few examples and made some real calls. The calls were recorded from earlier tests but they were real. Google Assistant called the hair salon to book an appointment. The most amazing part was that the Assistant did not sound like a robot or an AI it sounded like a human. The call was made and it talked with the representative of the hair salon. Another stunning thing was that the Assistant was able to understand the context of the call.

The appointment was to be booked at 12 PM but there was no appointment at that time, but the time period allotted to Assistant was 10 AM to 12 PM so the assistant asked for the same. The best part is, it waits and listens to the replies carefully, there are natural fillers in the gaps and pauses of the Assistant like ‘umm, uh-huh’. This is creepy as well, and that is because the person on the other side doesn’t know it is not the real person talking. The phone call Sundar Pichai mentioned was real and successful, the Assistant managed to book an appointment for a woman’s haircut at 10 AM. This was almost a year ago.

Today, technology has moved way ahead. The AI in Duplex understands accents, it understands contexts better and the main thing is that Google Assistant will make sure that the receiver on the other end knows she is talking to Google Assistant. There is an inbuilt line that Google Assistant will say which will start with ‘Hi, I am Google Assistant, calling on behalf of my client’ and it will be somewhere around these lines.

This one feature could help this Duplex technology massively as it could be user ready. This could be huge as the technology could help travelers, people with call anxiety and also people who are very busy. This is a huge development and we cannot wait to have Google Duplex in our phones and at our service.

-Unmesh Phule

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