Google Develops AI-model To Help Detect Lung Cancer

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Google is a company which likes to give back to the community. It might be in the news for the wrong reasons and the privacy might be at the forefront of it all but the technology which brings us closer and helps us stay connected is largely because of Google. If we keep the current data scandals aside and just look at Google’s technology helping the world, the company has done more than any other for the community.

There is a sense of owing to the community as the company is one of the biggest in the world. The technologies are at the highest level and if they could be used to make this world better, it is a bonus for everyone then. That being said, there is one such thing Google has developed at the moment. Let us find out what.

AI that helps detect lung cancer

Artificial Intelligence has hit a point where the world is ready to accept it as a means of technology. If the technology is helping detect lung cancer then so be it. That being said, Google has developed a model which is powered by an Artificial Intelligence which helps in detecting lung cancer by providing a 3D volume of the lung cancer malignancy prediction. Most of the times 2D images cannot detect the minutest of the tumors and this makes it hard for the doctors.

Shravvya Shetty, who is the technical lead of this project at Google talked about it extensively. She said that the 3D model helps in better viewing and results in results that can be more accurate. That being said, the model can even accept previous test results which makes it even easier to predict the current results.

Shetty said, “Though lower dose CT screening has been proven to reduce mortality, there are still challenges that lead to unclear diagnosis, subsequent unnecessary procedures, financial costs, and more. Our approach achieved an AUC of 94.4% (AUC is a common metric used in machine learning and provides an aggregate measure for classification performance).

“In late 2017, we began exploring how we could address some of these challenges using AI. Using advances in 3D volumetric modeling alongside datasets from our partners (including Northwestern University), we’ve made progress in modeling lung cancer prediction as well as laying the groundwork for future clinical testing,” she added.

That being said, this might be a major development in the world of cancer as the World Health Organization has reported over 1.7 million global deaths because of lung cancer. This number is greater than breast, prostate and colorectal cancer combined. This tells us that there is a need for the technology Google is working on.


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