Google comes up with Stadia, a game streaming platform


The gaming industry is growing like a raging fire. It is one of those industries which is helping gamers earn money while doing what they absolutely love. The industry was not so exploited but the streaming services have absolutely blown it out of proportion. There are multinational companies trying to enter this market and grab a hold of the increasing number of gamers. There are esport teams now which have managers and there are companies training these teams which enter competitions and win.

Apart from that industry, which also falls under the gaming industry, there is this streaming service industry which allows gamers to play games and stream on its platform. The most known and exploited of many such gaming streaming services is Twitch. Twitch is operated by and is one of their subsidiaries. Twitch is extremely famous and there are people who are millionaires because of Twitch. Games like Fortnite are played and streamed as millions of viewers watch some of the best players compete.

That being said, Google, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, is entering this field. The American behemoth has launched its gaming streaming platform known as Stadia. Stadia is a result of Google’s strong background in Cloud computing and data centers around the world. This will allow the gamers to stream games and play without it being downloaded to their browsers. It will work as smooth as YouTube and also be quick. This platform is surely a competition for Twitch.

Google’s Play Store has around $21.5 billion worth of games last year. This number was provided by Sensor Tower. Gaming also is one of the top categories on the Play Store. That is the reason the company is trying to get its hands on the streaming platform. Also, this platform is instant access to play. Players would be able to play games on the fly from their browsers without any data being downloaded to the device. This platform is accessible from phones, laptops, tablet, even with the devices that could chromecast to their TVs.

However, the prediction that game publishers might just launch their own streaming platforms. This might go in line with the Film producers. Just like Disney is launching its own streaming platform and taking down its content from Netflix and other OTT platforms. Game publishers will also do the same as these streaming platforms will not be allowed to use their games without permission.

So the future of Google’s Stadia is not that strong but at this moment, it might reap profit for the company due to its speed. At the end of the day, it will have to work on getting the rights to the game or produce original games just like Netflix and Amazon Prime are doing for their OTT platforms.

-Unmesh Phule

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