Google Assistant to use face recognition to identify the users


Google is always known to reinvent its products time and time again. It tends to make their products interesting and better with every single update. The company has many long-lasting products which have changed the way the world works. Android is one of those products as it is found in 80% of the smartphones in the world. Their phones have also achieved groundbreaking success in the smartphone department.

Google is never behind any of the major tech companies in the world. It has the answer to each and every tantrum thrown at them. That said, Google Assistant, its answer to virtual personal assistant might not be as good as Siri or Cortana but is not far behind. The company has managed to keep up with all the latest tweaks and updates. One of the latest updates on Google Assistant is very promising and uplifting for certain reasons.

Google Assistant recently developed a habit of recognizing voices. It would answer to the voice of the owner only and not to the voice of a stranger. This ability is widely used by the phone owners as one has to make sure they instill their voice as the owners’ voice. This was known as Voice matching. Now that the feature is well into the android phones, the company has come up with something very new. It is now testing face matching.

Face matching is nothing but as it sounds. The company has said that Google Assistant will use the camera to check the face of the person holding the phone and will accordingly make its moves. For this, you will have to enable the feature but it is still in the beta version. That said, it would not only be available to the phones but all the devices with a camera.

If you have your face scanned once, it would personalize all your devices in the house. You just have to stand in front of it and it will know it’s you. One wouldn’t have to speak to show their identity. They just have to stand in front of the device. This is something a smart home will be happy to introduce and accept it.

This could help majorly in the security department as Google Assistant won’t allow anyone to see the sensitive content if it is not you. This is going to be another breakthrough in the personal assistant history as this could mean a lot of others will adopt this feature.

-Unmesh Phule

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