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Godrej and SEEDS reignite the flame of hope amongst the depleted Assamese

Godrej is one of India’s largest house makers. They build homes and then they even make it beautiful with their stunning appliances. Godrej Industries have businesses which go wider than our imaginations. Its products range from Aerospace to Agriculture, two opposite ends of a spectrum. The company is the oldest conglomerate of India after Tata. Godrej was founded in 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej and is still a family run business.

That said, India’s largest home making company is doing some good for the country and its environment. India is prone to a lot of natural hazards. It has regions which suffer the wrath of Mother Nature almost every other year. These regions are hit by floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and a lot of other things. The most flood-prone state in India is Assam. Assam is one of those regions where floods are a common occurring, they occur like festivals but only ruin people’s homes and lives in the meantime. The river Brahmaputra is the culprit almost all the time. There are ways to avoid or prevent these floods from happening in the future but the problem lies with no one taking responsibility.

However, Godrej has decided to help the region in its own ways. It is making homes for the regions worst affected with the floods that occurred in 2017. Golaghat district is one of the areas which was demolished by the floods in 2017. SEEDS abbreviation for Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society announced it had partnered with Godrej over the last year and helped the people of Golaghat get back on their feet again.

Godrej Group along with SEEDS approached almost six thousand for help and build homes that are sustainable and will outlast the floods if they visited again. This program was majorly made as an owner-driven program where the owner could take control of the design of the house. SEEDS with Godrej, helped these people build over 81 houses which could sustain the hazardous conditions in monsoon. Come 2018, the floods visited the Assamese people again and these 81 shelters provided shelter to over 400 people from about 14 villages.

Both organizations have not stopped their work. There are still many regions which did not have such a facility. There are studies being carried out and highly qualified architects of Godrej are working towards building safer and sustainable houses in these regions. Architects are fusing modern technology with traditional architecture. Such amalgamations mostly turn out to be the most beautiful things, however, Godrej and SEEDS are trying to build sustainable homes.

The houses built in Golaghat were cleverly designed. The material used was local bamboo which is found in abundance and keeps its strength despite being in the water for weeks. This bamboo was used as the base of the houses. Such initiatives have ignited the fire of hope again amongst the locals. The nearby areas are also accepting the eco-friendly and traditional ways of building houses. It is not always about the newest technology, it is also about merging and tweaking it with the brilliance of our past.

Godrej and SEEDS have shown the way, many builders should join this initiative. The lead is there to follow and the regions will be back in the waters come to the monsoons of 2019. Only the time is on the shorter side. The fire is burning but someone needs to keep it from dying again.

– Unmesh Phule

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