Gmail’s New Filters Feature Make It Easier To Search Your Email

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Google has started rolling out a new Gmail feature that’ll make looking for specific emails in your overflowing inbox much less painful. The feature, called “search chips,” will help you narrow down the results you get. You can search for a colleague’s name, for instance, and then click on the search chips the pop up under the search box to find that specific email you’re looking for.

At launch, there are a variety of filters available, including those that will help you narrow down emails by sender, whether or not emails have an attachment, by time frame, and more.

You also can use the new filters to exclude certain types of search results — like those that are calendar updates or chats, for example. And you can specify emails by attachment types, such as text, spreadsheet or PDF.

The filters can be used in combination, helping you to narrow down searches as you go. For instance, you could search an email with a colleague’s name, which included a PDF, and was sent last month, using just a few clicks on the filters.

As anyone who’s ever tried to dig up an email from their Gmail inbox knows, Google’s search system has needed improvement. Even Google acknowledged this was true, noting in an announcement that it had heard from users that searching Gmail “could be faster and more intuitive.”

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