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Gaming Smartphones: A new breed of smartphones for Generation Z

There are smartphones, high-performance smartphones and then there are gaming smartphones. Gaming-focused devices have been in the market for a long time now. They range from high specs desktop setups to powerful Graphics card embedded laptops, virtual reality headgears to handheld gesture and movement controlled playing sticks and so on. The good old simple video games, which started out as basic animations have now reached levels where it becomes difficult to distinguish the game world from the real one. The staggering graphics make the experience worth the cost. However, with the increased power needed for the games, the requirement for higher-powered software and hardware is also needed.

The smartphones that most of the people own is one of the revolutionary inventions. It has eliminated the need for numerous other devices such as a radio, camera, music player, telephone and even personal computers to a large extent.

Video games have always attracted a lot of people because it allows them to control the environment and events, which is impossible in a real-life scenario. Traditionally, gaming enthusiasts preferred the desktop PC setup for a smooth experience. However, with the advent of powerful CPUs and GPUs in the smartphone realm, the difference has narrowed between a PC and a smartphone. The high-end smartphones now-a-days can offer equally attractive gaming performances in most cases like the mighty PCs. Powerful isn’t enough for the hardcore gamers as they need a little more. To achieve the little more, smartphone manufacturers are developing gaming focused smartphones. Brands, which excelled in the gaming laptop sector such as ASUS and Razer have moved into making gaming smartphones and they are getting popular each day. Even the Chinese giant Xiaomi has released their first ever gaming focused smartphone recently to cater to the needs of the gamers in the market.

There are huge opportunities emerging not just for the smartphone manufacturers but for the game developers as well. Some of the most popular graphics intensive mobile games are PUBG, Fortnite, Need for Speed, PES, Asphalt Series, Dead Trigger and so on. These games have caused the smartphone users to stick to their phones for playing. Developers have the opportunity to develop new gaming content that will feed the gamers appetite for graphics intensive games. That will increase the sales of such gaming focused devices as well.

The number of people playing games on smartphones is estimated to reach a staggering 748 million by the year 2021, which will be around 6.5% of the total smartphone users. To cater to this growing demand, manufacturers are already striving making towards better-designed and higher specification smartphones.

It is crucial to understand that just a high specification smartphone does not mean a good gaming phone. Some features are different and are designed specifically for the gamers in mind. In addition to the better gaming performance, these devices will be able to perform the daily tasks very well too such as photography, editing or the day-to-day office tasks. Millennials have shifted from PC games to mobile games due to the convenience they offer. The mobile games are easy to play and easy to carry, unlike a PC. These devices are multifunctional as one can carry out all the other works like a normal smartphone and at the same time play high-end games as they wish.

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