Gaming industry grows rapidly as Indian gamers start earning money through streams

Gaming pad on the table

Gaming is increasing into its own huge industry. People are starting to care about it and the reason for it is not some good games but it is money. The money involved in this sector is going out of the roof. The number of gamers is increasing and people are looking at this as a proper career option. It is not a taboo after all. The fact that it is coming into a country like India and people are accepting it tells us how far the industry has come.

There are esports teams and major companies are planning, either their own games or something called streaming platforms. A couple of days earlier, there was a news ReviewTech covered, it was about Stadia, a gaming platform introduced by Google. The company really tried to kick it out of the park with its platform, which is yet to launch. The features are very different and are based on the company’s cloud expertise. That being said, it tells us how big the industry is getting.

The gaming industry in India is currently sitting at a pretty $543 million and is tilted towards $801 million by the time we hit 2022. This is how big the industry is going to be only in India. The numbers of the world are even stronger and resonate the entire gaming industry. These facts only tell us about the incandescent nature of the industry. It is going to light up the world and we are going to have a new profession which is going to be a regular pop up on sites like

Meanwhile, we are going to share an example which Quartz brought forward. Rishab Karanwal, a common man, earning money through gaming. He sits in front of his computer at 9.30 in the night, plays Player Unknown’s BattleGround, popularly known as PUBG for about three to four hours nonstop till 2 in the morning. The next day, he wakes up and goes to work.

The only thing different with Rishab is that he streams while he plays. And there are 1000s of viewers who watch him play. Karanwal at first used to earn only INR 1000 but now rakes in about INR 50,000 a month.

Karanwal goes by the name of Raka. He was also awarded as the Streamer of the Year in 2018 at the Gaming Awards. He told Quartz, “To be honest, I never thought I could make money off this. When I started, even INR 1,000 ($14.50) was great. There was no gaming scene in India (then).” He was taunted by the society as well. The society taunted him at first but now the views have changed because he is not wasting his time in reality as he is earning money and at the same time he is doing what he loves.

-Unmesh Phule

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