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Galanz’s Smart Electric Steam Furnace is Way Ahead of its Competitors

Person Using Galanz Steam Furnace

Galanz has been recognised as one of the best manufacturers of the home appliances in the world. The company recently launched one of its newest microwave ovens which is a multipurpose appliance that helps the users is cooking various kinds of foods at ease.

The appliance is one of the company’s smart home appliances that take the cooking experience to another level. The demand for smart home appliances has been on a steady increase and to know more about that click here. The launch of such a smart device by Galanz only concretises the fact that there will be a greater demand in the future for smart home appliances.

Galanz’s Case Study in Japan

In a previous article, we saw that Galanz was invited at the Osaka event to be studied as it represents the Chinese Home Appliance industry very well. The company has been true to its sector and has also invested a lot in the research and development of the sector making them one of the best in the world.

Galanz Smart Electric Steam Furnace

Galanz Cooker on Table with Food
[Reviewtech: Galanz Cooker on Table with Food]
One of the units of the smart Electric Steam Furnace was sent to the office of the Reviewtech by Galanz for review. The team took a good look at it and tried their hands at cooking some delicious food in the machine and the review is mentioned below.

Build Quality

Steam Furnace Metal
[Reviewtech: Steam Furnace Metal]
The build of the machine is sturdy and certainly feels very premium to the touch. The materials used are high-grade metals and at places hard plastics which makes the machine extremely durable. However, this also adds to the weight of the machine which can be fairly difficult for the regular user to move the thing around. It needs to be considered that no one moves these machines every day, so one needs to fic this in a place in the kitchen where it would not need to be moved very often.

Advantages of the Galanz Furnace

Reviewtech with Galanz
[Reviewtech: Review of the Galanz Steam Furnace]
Health Benefits – The Steam Furnace, as the name suggests, uses steam for cooking. This method eliminates the need for any kind of oil usage. The zero-oil cooking process makes it one of the healthiest options especially for the current generation that is looking forward to a healthy lifestyle.

Environmental protection – The furnace runs of electricity that means no LPG or any other form of fossil fuels are used directly for cooking purposes. Moreover, no fumes are generated during the cooking process that is equally healthy for the users and the environment at the same time.


[Reviewtech: Dessert]

Variety – The furnace can be used for 13 methods of foods for making several varieties of food. The wide variety of cooking methods allow the users to play around with new recipes every day and try out new dishes at home. The flavours of the foods are also kept intact against popular belief. Many people believe that the modern machines have a negative impact on the flavours of the food but this steam furnace is a well-balanced machine that helps in keeping the natural flavours intact while making the food taste delicious.

The utility of the Machine in the Indian Market

India, apart from being one of the largest consumer markets in the world, is also the diabetic capital of the world. A huge number of people in India suffer from some kind of heart disease and it has been found that the majority of the cases stem from unhealthy eating habits and environmental pollution.

So, the Galanz Steam Furnace provides a solution to both of them in one shot. On one hand, the steam furnace allows for non-oily cooking methods that reduce the risk of heart diseases significantly. On the other hand, the furnace runs on electricity, which helps in environment protection by not using traditional fossil fuels. So, this way the Galanz Electric Steam Furnace hits two targets with one arrow at the same time. India, at the moment, is in dire need of such innovative technologies for its citizen to adopt, so that the present and the future of the country can be saved from the lurking dangers of climate change and lifestyle change.

The Way Ahead for the Brand

The Chinese companies have had a good run in India since they try to give value for money. Indian consumers are one of the smartest groups in the world as they are rarely swayed by brand value, style and status symbols of a product. What attracts the Indian consumers the most is the value for money that a product can deliver. The more the value that an Indian consumer gets, the more she/he is likely to purchase the product and also recommend it to their near and dear ones.

In numerous instances, it has been observed that several companies just change the language of the user manual and the electricity cable ports to enter a new market. This is not the right approach. Galanz has been performing well in many markets across the globe but to enter the Indian market it needs to understand the Indian culture and its cooking habits. According to the Indian lifestyle and need of the consumers, the products need to be modified and not just the language of the user manual. The Company can have a good future if it launches products such as the Smart Steam Furnace and makes smart moves in India.

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