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Galanz’s high-end kitchen appliances will continue to lead in 2019 in Chinese Market

Food is an integral part of any culture. It depicts the eating pattern of the people and the way people have developed their food habits over centuries or even millennia. In this era of technological advancements, traditional food is being intertwined with technology. Globalisation has numerous impacts on various aspects of human civilisation. However, the most recent and significant impact can be seen on the food habits across the globe. People from all over the world can eat food from almost all the other parts of the world due to the easy movement of knowledge, materials and people. Numerous countries nowadays have turned towards a new arm of foreign policy called Food Diplomacy. One such major power that is high on its soft power is China through its food making rounds across the globe. Chinese cuisine is one most famous ones in the world. Moreover, China is also a technological giant and its manufacturing prowess have given birth to many world-class companies especially in the consumer electronics and durables industry.

Galanz is a name that most Chinese know as one of the best home appliance manufacturer in the country. They expertise in many appliances but this articles talks about their new product in the market, a combi-microwave that can do more than just a normal microwave. Through such products, the company is destined to become the industry leader as the kitchen appliances are an important social element in disguise.

Galanz Microwave represents the industry’s highest level of technology and it triggered the industry’s follow-up effect. After paving a path for good experience in 2018, it will continue to increase in 2019. The reason is that in the context of consumption upgrades, high-end consumers are more inclined to choose quality, lifestyle values and products with social attributes.

The time when industrial products represent the most cutting-edge technology and superior quality and changes in consumers’ lifestyles, then their impact on consumers is huge and sustainable in the long run. The result is that brand loyalty and kitchen appliances are gradually moving from behind the scenes to the forefront.

In 2018, Galanz Microwave was highly favoured by consumers and the industry’s high attention, highlighting three key factors:

  1. The recognition of high-end consumers is increasing, and they will not influence their choice of high-end brands because of changes in the market industry.
  2. The user experience is becoming the most powerful support for the Galanz Microwave. These new technologies bring convenience to consumers’ lifestyle.
  3. The exclusive social circle has formed a consensus, triggered the consumer’s follow-up effect.

The microwave is an innovative product of Galanz for the 70th anniversary of the invention of microwave ovens. As another epoch-making quality home appliance, Galanz microwave defines a new standard for high-end smart kitchen appliances.

A microwave model 26L is a combination of three-in-one technology, and achieves a higher level of professional functions, without increasing its shape. In order to save the kitchen space and enhance the professional function, Galanz’s R&D team has made three years of hard work and finally achieved a technical breakthrough in solving high temperature, water vapour and microwave matching.

Under the premise of achieving the level 1 of energy efficiency, the three-in-one Galanz micro-steaming and roasting machine surpasses the single function product in micro, steaming, roasting and other cooking performances. Really achieve 100% pure steam cooking, clever built-in steam generator, the chamber steam temperature can reach 100 degrees, precise temperature control, intelligent cooking.

The 100W-1000W power microwaves are more efficient than traditional microwave ovens. They better maintain food moisture and taste. They can also replicate the old baking techniques and achieve a baking level beyond professional oven through precise temperature control, leading hot air convection technology, 230°C High-temperature energy gathering and 360-degree hot air circulation. These features avoid the problem of uneven heating like in the traditional ovens, allowing users to fully experience the “special baking”.

The technical problems solved by Galanz microwave are mainly reflected in the revolutionary integration of the three cooking technologies of “micro, steaming and roasting”, creatively combining frequency conversion microwave, hot air convection, steam, microwave hot air combination and microwave steam combination. The combination of hot steam and six cooking methods is integrated into a microwave oven, which is more energy efficient and convenient.

At the same time, major breakthroughs were made in cooking effects and nutritional maintenance. Not only can save the kitchen space, but also improve the quality and pleasure in the way of life and diet.

As a leading brand of microwave ovens, Galanz has applied advanced variable power microwave technology to the microwave. Through the power conversion technology, the micro-steaming and roasting machine realizes the automatic regulation from strong fire to weak fire, which not only ensures the taste and colour of the food but also fully retains the nutrients of the food, even if the surface or edge of the food is cooked for a long time. There will be no overheating.

With strong microwave cooking power, energy consumption is very low: energy efficiency up to 64%, higher than the GB level of energy consumption standards.

Professional institutions expect that the overall sales of the microwave market will continue to expand in 2019, and third- and fourth-tier cities have greater development potential. There is no doubt that the Galanz microwave still assumes the role of the leader.

-Lankeji_Blue Technology (Shui Mu)

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