Galanz Veteran after 13 years: They have a knack of retaining employees over a decade

Pan Guiyong, 30 years old, has spent 13 years of his youth with Galanz.

On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year (February 11th), Pan Guiyong and his family drove back to Galanz from his hometown in Hezhou, Guangxi. On this day, his mood was particularly pleasant.

During the Spring Festival, there was a chill in the south, but a touch of greenery outside his window brought him new hope. On the same day, his colleagues took the Spring Festival shuttle bus especially arranged by Galanz for their employees from Guanxi and Hunan to Galanz Factory.

For them, it was the end of the Spring Festival and the start of the new dream.

Some of these employees have worked in Galanz for three or five years, some for nearly ten years, and Pan Guiyong has worked in Galanz for 13 years, which you can say a typical “veteran.”

On the evening of the New Year’s Eve (February 13th), Pan Guiyong and his friends ate at the hotel. During the dinner, a friend asked Pan Guiyong whether he has a girlfriend and wanted to introduce him to a girlfriend.

Pan looks like a freshly graduated college student, handsome, but he is the father of a three-year-old. He smiled and refused the goodwill of others. In fact, both husband and wife are working in Galanz. For 13 years, they have never thought of leaving Galanz.

Despite all the temptations of high-paying and higher jobs during the period, he saw it clearly and understood what he wanted. Galanz gave him respect, gave him more opportunities to learn, let him know how to give back to the community.

He has a dream, but his dream is not illusory, not impetuous, but down-to-earth. He knew how to be grateful, and he thanked Galanz, so he never left. He hopes there will be more space and exposure in Galanz.

Worker working in Galanz Factory
The first day of the New Year is a normal day for Galanz

On February 12, at 7:30 on the early morning of the first day of the first month of the new year, after the short Spring Festival holiday, Galanz’s major production workshops resumed in the full swing.

7:30, the first microwave oven offline packaging completed; 7:40, the first transformer successfully equipped with output; 7:45, the first electric oven offline packaging was done; in 1 hour of operation, turntable motor has produced 7,000 finished products…

The production process is the same throughout the years. Rigorous and serious, this is a true portrayal of the different assembly lines of Galanz. As a technical examiner, Pan Guiyong is meticulous in his work. Pan has spent every day in the past 13 years this way.

On his first day at work this year, he received a WeChat letter. This is his fellow in Guangzhou, in another electronic enterprise working in the hometown sent: Galanz staff holidays let us envy, because you have a shuttle bus, and we can only find a way only to solve the traffic problem. Depressed!

Pan Guiyong’s consolation reply: there will be bread, there will be a house, and everything will be there.

Pan’s fellow villagers admire the staff of Galanz, which makes sense. From the beginning of the sixth day to the beginning of the seventh day, it is the peak period for Galanz employees to return to work from their hometowns. Galanz continued its tradition for decades and arranged buses to Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and other railway stations and bus stations to pick up employees. Dozens of trips were arranged. During the Chinese New Year, Galanz also held a group banquet for the left-behind employees and sent new spring blessings and spree gifts to the employees.

At Galanz, Pan has a strong sense of pride. Many employees have introduced their relatives and friends to Galanz. This kind of geographical and blood relationship will make employees more harmonious and help each other at work.

“Our employees started to return to the post on the sixth day of the new year, and on the eighth day, all workers are present. Everyone’s work enthusiasm is very high.” Xiong Zhikang, deputy director of Galanz’s electrical parts manufacturing department, said the main reason: “On the one hand, income continues to increase, on the other hand, ownership. The sense is getting stronger and stronger, and employees treat the company as a family.”

Timely start of the work and smooth production is because of the return of the employees on time after the New Year and the successful resumption of work after the support of the Galanz Festival is the continuous improvement of the recognition of the front-line employees.

“Working in Galanz will not be boring, there will be respect and human care.” This is the conclusion that Pan Guiyong who has worked in Galanz for 13 years.

In fact, in Galanz’s workshop, you can see as described by Pan. For example, in the major workshops of Galanz electrical accessories, in addition to the world’s leading production efficiency, the flowers and fish ponds adopted by employees are particularly eye-catching.

Comfortable workshop environment is also an important part of granite to create a sense of belonging to employees. Into the Galanz international boutique workshop, electrical parts workshop, magnetron manufacturing workshop and life electrical assembly workshop, in addition to the overall clean environment, lush flowers and swimming goldfish are attention seekers, The garden-like work environment has begun to take shape.

Galanz hopes that through the creation of a garden-style workshop, employees will be better able to “work happily and live happily”.

No showbiz, no vanity, the working attitude and working environment of the first day of the New Year is actually the normal stage of Galanz. This is exactly the same as the low-key, pragmatic, focused, attentive and professional attitude of Galanz.

Galanz gallery with fish and water
Give employees more value

“Granite advocates Labor honour, more advocating labour to create value, labour reflects value, high income is the solemn commitment of enterprises to everyone.” Liang, Chairman and President of Galanz Group, said Galanz Group’s 2018 initiative to fight dividends of many frontline employees through their own sweat and wisdom, monthly income over managers.

In the eyes of Pan Guiyong, values reflect more than the salary. For example, Galanz created more opportunities for him to learn. If in other companies, there is no learning opportunity for the most basic front-line employees like Pan. This made him feel respected, he seized the opportunity and worked hard on technology.

From ordinary front-line employee to team leader and to technical officer, Pan Guiyong’s 13 years in Galanz has made his career breakthrough. This upward force gives him an opportunity to infinitely magnify his personal value.

His personal growth and Galanz’s growth go hand in hand. Every day, he feels the change in Galanz. Changes of innovation and creativity, but what remains unchanged is a rigorous and pragmatic attitude.

In 2018, Galanz ushered in the 40th anniversary of its founding, both domestic and overseas markets, and opened up a boom in production and sales. In particular, the micro-steamed products have achieved total success, and have hit a record high. Many of them have been optimistic about domestic and foreign customers, and orders have increased greatly.

In order to do a good job in large-scale production and sales, Galanz has also increased the income level of front-line employees through various measures to encourage more people to work harder and more labour. Many of them have a monthly income of more than 7,000 yuan.

“We have strengthened a series of incentives to encourage high-income employees. Last year, many people took 6000-6600 yuan a month, and individual positions reached the income of 9,000 yuan.” In the busy life electrical assembly shop, workshop director Wang Wenju said that The scale of the life-equipment assembly workshop will be expanded to 20 times in 2019 as compared to 2018. Through a series of incentives, not only will the front-line employees be more rewarded, but also the enthusiasm of the R&D personnel for technological transformation. The overall production efficiency of the workshop will be 50% higher than in 2018.

Salary upgrades and personal values are reflected. Galanz under the two-wheel drive gives employees more power and a sense of belonging. In the 13 years of working at Galanz, after Pan’s introduction, at least 50 of his friends and relatives have come to work in Galanz.

Through the creation of software and hardware, Galanz’s work environment has also been recognized by more and more employees. Blue Technology was informed that Galanz, in addition to returning to work on time, most of its employees have brought their relatives and friends to the job on the day of the start of the eighth day.

According to Mr. Ouyang, the person in charge of the recruitment of Galanz microwave oven fine art workshop, although the work choices of migrant workers are more and more, the most important thing is the treatment, which is responsible for the assembly, packaging, plugging, inspection, packing, distribution, etc. The salary of each post has reached 7,000 yuan/month, and many candidates have already applied for these posts.

Behind this “clan” relationship is that Galanz is formed by the system, human care, employee development and corporate vision. He can let employees see the present and let employees feel the future.

Pan Guiyong is just 30 years old, but it belongs to Galanz’s “veteran.” His dream is to learn more new technologies and new knowledge of Galanz. He hopes that his next 13-year “new biography” will be opened in 2019.

Blue Technology – Jifeng

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