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Galanz President made public “Review” 2019 breaking 7 major issues

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, is able to lead Apple to innovate and be aggressive because there are always two question marks in his heart. The first question is why others can’t be more successful than you? The second question is why do you lose to others?

These two questions are answered by their adoptive father. First, the world is very big. There is always another heaven beyond this one. Only by the courage to admit defeat and maintain mental stability, we can have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Second, only calmly analyze the reasons for failure, truly see yourself and find a solution to the problem, in order to get out of the bottleneck area and turn defeat into victory. These 2 questions have a major impact on Steve Jobs. This attitude of rethinking has created Apple’s legend.

The same is reflected in China’s home appliance manufacturing industry leader. Galanz is walking alone!

If you follow the will of the capital market, perhaps Galanz would have already landed in the capital market. If you follow the goal of profit, perhaps Galanz should lay out real estate, finance and even logistics industries.

If this becomes the reality, then today’s Galanz is not a true Galanz.

Some people may not be able to read this game of Galanz, some people or pessimistic view of the past and future of Galanz, but this is not important. For it is impossible to shake the truth that Galanz insists on.

What is the truth of Galanz? Integrity, mutual benefit and innovation. These plain languages ​​do not need to be embellished. If you have to find some embellished content, then Galanz’s ten years of persistence and consistency, not aiming at the short-term profit, and not involved in diversification, is the best award for Galanz.

Galanz Chairman & President
[BlueTechnology] Liang Zhao, Chairman and President of Galanz Group
Public reflection at the annual meeting

On March 28th, it was the biggest gathering of Galanz and their strategic partner. The annual gathering, in addition to releasing the latest technology products of Galanz and exploring the topics of greatest concern to the industry and the market, is regarded by the industry as a vane of China’s home appliance industry and consumer trends.

Galanz’s Strategic Partner Conference is not a show. It began in the early 1990s and is held on March 28 every year. So far, this is the longest-standing brand annual meeting in China’s home appliance industry.

Different from the past, Galanz’s new products, new technologies and new intelligence are full of AI atmosphere. What makes the industry even more exciting is that at this year’s conference, Liang Zhaoxian, chairman and president of Galanz Group, unveiled “Family Scandal” and gave clear guidance.

Self-declaration of a “Family Scandal” is a bright sword, which requires more technical depth and market support. Usually, in the history of the growth of a century-old brand, it will continue to reflect on itself and dare to expose itself to “Family Scandal”, which is actually the biggest driving force in the history of commercial evolution. “In the light of future, review the past. In the past, Galanz had a lot of work that did not do a bit, especially a few points are not done well. “At the meeting that day, Liang Zhaoxian, chairman and president of the Granite group, did not hide the problem but put seven questions on the table.

  1. Everyone knows that the microwave oven is Galanz, Galanz is a microwave oven but does not take advantage of the microwave oven to the extreme;
  2. From industrial brands to commercial brands, consumer brands sublimation is not enough;
  3. Galanz’s life appliances have not yet formed a full category
  4. Galanz kitchen appliances have not yet formed a system
  5. Galanz used 3 years after 2000 to make its first export out of China. However, due to the lack of strategic implementation, it has experienced several iterations and caused passiveness.
  6. Although Galanz refrigerators have achieved success in the global market in the past two years, they are too slow in the Chinese market;
  7. The Galanz washing machine is looking forward to it, but it seems to have been worse “a kick on the door” and has not broken the bottleneck of high growth.

“I am standing here today, very honest, to share with you the problems faced, but also to look to the future. We are all family, are one mind, unloading, solving the problem, to be able to lighten up, only then will we be able to move forward on the right path for the next 40 years.”

Liang Zhaoxian’s opening remarks are not anxiety, but a recognition of the re-creation and re-launch that is made after recognizing the true self and clarifying the problem. This approach is exactly the same as the famous Japanese management master Inamori Kazuo. “The more complicated the problem, the more it is necessary to judge and act according to simple principles and simple thoughts. I think this is the best way to see the Nanshan Mountain and directly understand the nature of things and solve problems.” Inamori Kazuo The management philosophy for Chuanqi has become the motto of many companies. “The more complicated the problem, the more it is necessary to judge and act according to simple principles and simple thoughts. I think this is the best way to see the Nanshan Mountain and directly understand the nature of things and solve problems.” Inamori Kazuo The management philosophy for Chuanqi has become the motto of many companies.

“I am also more convinced that no matter from the enterprise or all the partners who cooperate with Galanz, the responsibility is in Galanz, and the responsibility is on me. Therefore, Galanz has always known the will of a company, a brand, and its claim. Behind it is, its greatest responsibility and responsibility.”When Liang Zhaoxian attributed his responsibility to Galanz, he won the applause of the guests. The reflection of Galanz actually clarified the new direction and removed the obstacles in progress. They don’t want to bury their dreams in the spring.

Galanz Gallary
As a well-known home appliance manufacturing industry in China, it is industrial capabilities and manufacturing capabilities are not all of Galanz, but an important part of Galanz. Galanz has always dared to deny itself. This is the DNA that Galanz has been able to achieve for 40 years and to succeed in the new 40 years.

Therefore, when Galanz re-issues with a return to zero mentality every time, it is not a narrow meeting, but a beautiful tomorrow to start the future. In 2019, the opening of Galanz was to concentrate on the fight against the large-scale popularization of national appliances, the battle for quality home appliances and differentiated home appliances, the intelligent use and the diversification of mature applications of IoT.

The above-mentioned seven “family scandal” actually have a strategic prescription.

The annual marketing plan of “National Appliances Thanksgiving China” released in 328, the trend of micro-steamed new food, Galanz + Smart Home 4.0 and new AIoT products fully demonstrated that Galanz fought“three major battles” and won it through digital technology. The determination for the next 40 years. It also allows the public to fully see China’s intellectual creation driven by innovation, efficiency and management.

For Galanz, there is no first year, no cold years and years of age. Because every year is a new starting point, every year will have growth and harvest. Because every year is a new starting point, every year there will be growth and harvest. Such performance makes it harder to find the right language to describe it. Every year there is progress, every year there is a harvest, and they are unable to become the focus of capital markets because they are not listed, which creates a low profile for them. Seems to be the suspicion of being snubbed in the eyes of others.

However, Galanz never felt left out. There is a real need to release passion, not in the performance of the capital market, nor in the generosity of the founder, but in technology, quality and globalization. The microwave oven is synonymous with Galanz, but that has become history. Now, from the functional integration of microwave ovens, electric steamers and electric oven appliances, Galanz has redefined the smoke-free smart kitchen in combination with the living scenes of modern families and has given the new quality of life to the national quality of life.

This is the great change brought by Galanz. The internal changes show that black technology is more and more popular, and original technology is gradually becoming a sample of the industry; the external performance is that Galanz brand penetration in more than 160 countries around the world, and innovative products have become global leaders.

Will such a company care about the outside world? Obviously not.

Galanz+ Smart Home 4.0 and AIoT new products, smart kitchen overall solution, which also marks the success of Galanz’s Artificial Intelligence and IoT diversified mature applications. For partners of Galanz’s entire industry chain, Galanz+ is a platform for empowering and creating wealth. Galanz+ provides cloud partners, big data, artificial intelligence, C-side and cloud integration, secure IoT infrastructure platform and content service capability platform for eco-partners. Galanz+ is open to enable partners to be more efficient and less expensive. Build a variety of innovative IoT applications.

If you still think that Galanz is only producing microwave ovens, then it is not Galanz, but you are out of date. Now Galanz has become a technology group.

As a pioneer in the automation and intelligent manufacturing of China’s household electrical appliance industry, Galanz has implemented the whole industry chain quality strategy as early as 2012, and benchmarked the world’s first-class quality standards, from core supporting equipment such as magnetrons, transformers and electronic components. The machine production line, the introduction of first-class lean manufacturing talents and management concepts, in order to exceed the international quality standards, comprehensively start the entire industry chain intelligence building upgrade war.

In the past five years, Galanz has continued to carry out intelligent upgrading and transformation, investing more than 3 billion Yuan. Customized the world’s first microwave oven fully automated assembly line, production cycle up to 12 seconds / stage; the introduction of the world’s leading drum washing machine box, inner tube automated production line, may be the world’s fastest washing machine production line; custom world’s first electric steaming fully automated production line of furnace cavity, highly automated and intelligent to protect the Galanz electric steamer boutique strategy. Galanz has not only created the world’s first-class production efficiency but also set a benchmark for the home appliance industry.

Galanz did not land in the capital market and did not enter the world’s top 500, but they do not care. The true warrior never cares and never fears the evaluation and influence of the outside world. Is it important to enter the world’s top 500, or is it important to survive for 500 years?

For Galanz, the latter is the goal they pursue.

-Zhou Han

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