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Galanz Dishwasher for Young Couples

Galanz Dishwasher

Now there will be no fight for whose turn it is to wash the dishes. The dishwasher not only frees hands but also improves the quality of life. In recent years, it has also been widely recognized by consumers. However, today, the kitchen is so expensive that you have to seriously consider the installation and placement of the dishwasher.

On August 8th, Galanz desktop dishwasher G2 will be launched on pre-sale Jingdong. This dishwasher can be placed directly on the counter without the need to modify the cabinets and waterways, making it easy to use. The detergency of sputum, the dual role of high temperature and high pressure is very effective. It solves various problems.

The whole appearance is clean and tidy. It is small but complete with pure white IMD panel and not a single screw in sight. Lifting the operation panel effectively prevents water from penetrating the panel and causing malfunction. The menu settings are clear at a glance and can be controlled by touch. The dishwasher is only 410mm wide and can be installed by connecting the waterway. It is troublesome to install directly on the cabinet. The compact body can hold more than 20 pieces of tableware, satisfying the needs of a family of three. Every meal is cleaned effortlessly, and fresh tableware can be enjoyed at any time.

For consumers’ most concerned cleaning problems, this dishwasher contains four washing modes: strong washing, quick washing, economic washing, and self-washing to solve multiple oil and dirt problems. With a 360° all-round spray system, it is washed through a powerful flow of 29Kpa, covering every corner of the cavity and each tableware can be cleaned. For heavy oil pollution, set 72°C high temperature melting the oil, high pressure and high-temperature double action, the oil is swept away, the tableware is as clean as new.

As we all know, washing dishes is not only time-consuming but also hurts. Traditional hand-washing dishes will be placed next to the sink, and it takes 10-20 minutes to wash the dishes once. In the current development of technology, the emergence of the dishwasher has made life more convenient and rich. Take a few minutes to set the dishes and start the washing process with one click to enjoy the good time after dinner.

High value and can be washed, a dishwasher can save more time to enjoy life. With advanced technology, Galanz continuously introduces high-value, cost-effective and high-quality products to the market. Through the association of Galanz+ smart home platform, one screen regulates micro-steaming and baking machine, dishwasher, smoke stove, water heater and other products. Let technology jump on your fingertips and enjoy the happiness of the kitchen.
It is reported that in order to meet the needs of more consumers, the dishwasher will be scheduled on August 8th in the Jingdong platform, 10 yuan is scheduled to enjoy the value of 999 yuan, and the scheduled success has the opportunity to get 600 yuan appliances. It is the best time to start a dishwasher and realize the dream of not washing dishes.

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