French Call Center Startup Aircall Raises $65 Million Funding

French call center software startup Aircall SE looks likely to be one of the beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic after raising $65 million in a round of funding that brings its total amount raised to the north of $100 million. DTCP led the Series C round, which saw participation from new investors Swisscom Ventures and Adams Street, plus existing investors, including eFounders, Draper Esprit, Balderton Capital, and NextWorld.

Founded out of Paris in 2014, Aircall allows companies of all sizes to launch a local call center presence wherever their customers are based, enabling them to offer localized telephone numbers, toll-free numbers, call routing, automated interactive voice responses (IVR) that direct callers to the right department, call queuing, and more. The Aircall platform also serves up analytics, showing metrics such as missed call rates, and average wait times.

Aircall sells a cloud-based call center platform that helps customer support and sales teams field thousands of calls per day. It’s essentially a software-as-a-service product company can use to replace their legacy call center systems. Customers get access to virtual phone numbers in one or more countries, while the system makes it easier to configure greeting messages, set up business hours, and handle call queues.

Other notable features include call commenting and assignment, which allows team members to assign calls to a colleague, with notes and comments to provide additional context.

Over the past two years, Aircall has quadrupled its revenue and doubled the number of employees. While the company originally started in France, most of its revenue comes from the U.S. now. Aircall targets small and medium companies, from 10 to 1,000 people.

While the startup didn’t want to share information on its annual recurring revenue (ARR), Aircall says that its ARR is currently above the total cash burn of the past couple of years. Given that they raised $29 million and didn’t use all the money, that gives you an idea.

There are around 320 persons working for the company now. With today’s funding round, the company plans to expand with more developers, a bigger sales team, and a new office in Australia.

While distributed workforces and work from home setups were already growing in popularity, the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Major companies including Facebook and Twitter have confirmed that their employees will be able to work remotely indefinitely. We’ve also seen a spike in investments in tools that enable this transition from physical to virtual environments, including platforms that facilitate online events, services that allow local pizzerias to sell online, and software that makes it easier for stores of all shapes and sizes to embrace e-commerce.

Aircall is very much part of that trend, as it enables customer service agents to accept and route calls, follow up with potential prospects, and collaborate with colleagues regardless of where they are in the world.

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