Ford invents in a smart bed that will help you sleep on your side of the bed

FORD Mustang

Ford is a very well-known company to all of us. It is one of the car-makers that transformed the cars. The company is spread worldwide and sells cars on almost all kinds of soils. It is a company which has existed for almost 116 years and that is almost two lifetimes. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford, wouldn’t have seen this coming. The company’s revenue was $156.8 billion in 2017. It is one of those companies that has already worked its way up the ladder and is just keeping up with the technology.

That said, there are many things the company is into right now. It has a lot of technologies which it wants the world to see and the company is still very much relevant in today’s market. The cars and the mini-trucks are still the beasts. The company earns profits and reaps all the benefits, the money is there, the minds are there and there are avenues open to exploring. The company had many technologies to explore and they did. One of those things the company invented sounds ridiculous but could turn out to pretty useful.

We nowadays see that everything is beginning to get smart. Humans are smart and are turning every nook and corner of this world into a smart thing. We have created a world where everything is under our control and everything works for us to make our lives easy and that is it. There are smart cars, smartphones, smart showers, smart mirrors and what not. You couldn’t think of something Ford has thought. Ford has created a ‘smart bed’. Yes, a bed which is smart. To all the insomniacs, it won’t help you sleep but it will help surely help you be up all night on your side of the bed.

This smart bed is designed for couples where it would keep the people sleeping on their side of the bed. There might be couples who would have lost faith in their relationship because of this; sarcasm intended. That said, this smart bed uses the ‘Lane-keeping Assist’ technology. This technology is basically used in cars which helps the cars maintain their lanes and reduce accidents. Well, we can say the same for beds. It could help us be on our own side with Lane-Keeping Assist in place and avoid… accidents.

Sleep is where humans are most vulnerable. Our body is resting and any unwanted touch would wake you up. This is why it is very essential for our partner to be on their side of the bed. This bed does that with the help of pressure sensors which detect if the person is moving from one side of the bed to the other side. There is a conveyer belt in this bed which will help the person back to his/her side after the pressure sensors have sensed the movement.

This project was taken under the exploratory projects where the company was coming up with technology that solved everyday problems of the people. This also means that this bed is not for sale as of yet. However, we can expect a lot of such technologies and products from Ford under this initiative in the near future.

-Unmesh Phule

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