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Food-tech business soaring high during IPL season

Zomato app starting as screenshot is taken

Indian Premier League is a sports event which is insanely popular in India. The popularity of the event cannot be put into words. However, we can sum it up in a sentence by saying that it is a two-month long festival when there is a match going on the television almost every single day for 60 days. The fact that it is a cricket event and that too in India, is enough reason for the people to get excited. Every stadium is jam-packed and there are people screaming and cheering for their favorite players.

When thousands of people are in one place and millions of them watching over the television, then there is an opportunity for business. The food-tech companies have sensed the opportunity and just decided to give their customers something to play with. There are games like if you predict the outcome of the next ball you get points and those points can be converted to coupons. These coupons are used to get discounts and this is how the food-tech companies such as Zomato, UberEats, and Swiggy have notched up the use.

That being said, apart from the discounts, there are people watching games together as well. There are families getting together over an IPL game and Pizza or any kind of food along with beverages are ordered online. This is where the business increases.

Srivats TS, the vice president of marketing at Swiggy talks about the same. He said that snacks and soft drinks purchase increases by 50% during the IPL. He talked about the increase in the orders which is considerably large during dinner time. He talked about the highest grossing dishes as well.

He told the press, “During IPL 2018, snackable items like pizza, french fries, and ice-creams witnessed a 50% increase in orders compared to the previous year. This year too, the trend has been similar. While local cuisine has been quite popular during the matches, snackable items have witnessed a considerable increase in orders from last year during both snack and dinner hours. Some of the top 10 dishes ordered during the season this year are chicken biryani, paneer butter masala, pav bhaji, and samosa. ”

Even Zomato CMO, Sandeep Anand talked about the same. He said that there is a higher order rate during dinner time and those hours are becoming the busiest. Swiggy and Zomato are rivals but the busy hours and the trend of the business happening during the IPL is similar.

He said, “This IPL season we have witnessed some relatively newer food delivery trends. Dinner (7-11pm) hours are usually busiest but with the IPL matches starting at 8 pm every day (and at 4 pm on the weekends) our order frequency for early dinners and evening snacks has increased.”

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