Find Your Lost Phones In India With CEIR

Smartphone theft

No More Fear of Losing Your Phone in India

The Indian government is developing a phone tracking system that will help track down the stolen phones that have been issued in India. Putting in place this new technology will help the users take a sigh of relief as the fear of losing your phone and all its data forever will now be almost eliminated.

Theft has been a major issue, especially in big cities. Wherever there is a large crowd, there are petty thieves who are in search of ways to steal some valuable items from people and in the era of the internet what can be more valuable than one’s smartphone and its data. Here we are just dealing with the physical theft of the smartphone and not the data as data theft is a huge topic of its own and we will discuss it in another article.

The organization named C-DOT (Centre for Development of Telematics) that operates under DoT (Department of Telecommunication) revealed that the technology of locating the phone is being developed by them. According to C-DOT, the tracking technology is called the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). This will allow detecting the location of a mobile phone, if lost or stolen, even if the registered SIM card is removed or the IMEI number has been altered.

The technology is ready and is in the final testing phase. According to a Financial Express report, a pilot project has been run in Maharashtra. The government has spent ₹15 crore on the new technology and it will be launched in coming August 2019.

C-DOT has been a key contributor to India’s telecom revolution. Their expertise with telecom-related issues was considered before handing over the responsibility of developing CEIR for Indian handsets. Indigenous technologies such as this will empower the Indian technology sector to compete with the global technology powers and only then will the huge Indian market become a boon for the local companies.

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